Now nearing their goals the Demonic Army were closer to The City Of Eternal Light. They still had the problem of the Exiled Legion who were attacking them and then running off. Yelyah was told by Sok’Uzu to take the Army to the Solarans herself whilst he dealt with the Exiles.

Sok’Uzu took a fifth of the Army to find and destroy the Exiles before they made things more difficult for the Demonic Army. He searched for many weeks in the Darkness of the Wastelands but his search was a failure. Sok’Uzu sent a scout to Yelyah to see if the Exiles had attacked. Yelyah told this scout that none have interrupted her movements. Sok’Uzu was confused by this answer and it led him further into the dark.

Meanwhile, Yelyah’s Army was within a week of The City Of Eternal Light so they made camp just out of view. They wanted to wait for a time when the Solarans would open their gates. This time would come soon, for the Solarans let new Souls from another realm into the City. Yelyah would wait for that time to come then storm into the City unannounced.

The Solaran City did indeed open to allow the Souls to pass through to be Judged, and at that moment one of Yelyah’s Demons, who was watching from a high point, shouted to the Demonic Army. “All hands, alas the gates of the enemy have opened, move into battle!” he shouted.

“The time has come, rush to the gates before they close,” Yelyah shouted to her men.

With that, a stampede began, and many Demons ran to seize the gates, the sounds shook the ground and the Solarans saw the Demons a little too late. When they were shutting the gates the Demons pushed through and took the gate. The Solarans set the alarm bell ringing and all Palaces of the City prepared for defence.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the darkness of the wastelands, Sok’Uzu and his force were still looking for the Exiled Legion. Ranook and the others were still moving around but Sok’Uzu never knew how until one of his men looked up.

The Demon who saw the sight couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Sok’Uzu, sir, they are up in the sky, mounted on great beasts,” he said.

“What? Impossible, that cannot be, the beasts were slain an age ago and are un-teachable!” Sok’Uzu said.

Suddenly one of the winged beasts swooped down and took a few Demons by surprise and Sok’Uzu saw that the Exiles had indeed tamed the beasts. Ranook then said to his winged Exiles to land around the Demons and fight on the ground, his entire force landed and dismounted the creatures in a hurry to end this fight and join the Solarans in the defence of their City. The battle began and the winged beasts were almost indestructible after the training Ranook and the other Exiles gave them.

Sok’Uzu saw that this was a fight he couldn’t win with such a small force and so he sounded a retreat. “Get back to the Black City and call for reinforcements,” he called.

They began to run for their City but as they did Ranook ordered all his men onto the winged creatures and pursue them.

“Don’t allow them to reach that City.” Vicean snarled.

The City was not so far away and there were plenty of places to gain cover on the way. With each swoop, they took a Demon but they couldn’t get them all.

“Keep running, the City is in sight,” Sok’Uzu shouted.

Ranook knew that they could not go to the City as it was heavily guarded so he told his men to turn and get to The City Of Light to stop the war.

The entire Demonic Army had now fully taken the gates and a full-scale battle had begun. Yelyah was pushing through and as most of the Solarans hadn’t fully reached the battle yet it was easier than she could have hoped for. She soon took the first streets and Palaces, the Avatars had arrived at that moment and stopped a further loss of buildings from being captured. Yalyah, unaware of Sok’Uzu’s retreat and Ranook’s move to stop her, carried on gaining more and more ground within the City. She had got so deep into Solaran territory that she was a hair’s breadth away from Solara’s Temple.

Ashrah and Ellrah made a line all along the captured territory to stop the Demons’ advance. Soon though Ranook would enter the City on his winged creatures and the Avatars would see it first.

“Look, towards the sky, more Demons, Demons with wings.” one Solaran said.

Yelyah thought they were on her side and began to push her lines forward, the winged beasts landed behind the Demons’ lines and began taking Demons by surprise.

“What do you think you are doing, we are the same,” Yelyah shouted.

Then Ranook and Vicean appeared and shouted to Yelyah. “We are here to stop this war, to stop you and bring our Realm back into balance. You have gone mad with power you should not have inherited,” they said.

Yelyah turned and ran into the Temple. “You doubt my power? Watch as I destroy the Goddess herself, then you will all see I am a power of greatness!” she said in her rage. Then she disappeared into the Temple.

The Demons continued fighting under the orders of the Commanders, they were fighting on two sides and they were losing.

The Avatars, however, were impressed with Ranooks winged Exiles and they began to think that if they were to leave on those creatures it could be difficult to exact an act of bitter revenge on the Demons at a later date. Ashrah moved her line round and behind the Demons and began to attack the winged beasts.

Vicean saw this and screamed to Ranook. “They attack us as well, we need to stop them before we are destroyed,” he said.

“We must leave these lands and return home, let anyone here have the same option before we are all dead.” Ranook agreed.

With these words, thousands upon thousands of Demons retreated leaving only Yelyah and a few others behind.

After the Demons left the Solaran City a pursuit was underway, the Solarans wanted to stop as many where they stood for they knew a Solaran Army would follow the fools shortly after the attack. The winged Exiles where giving the other Demons cover swooping down to attack the Solarans every time they got to close, but Ashrah saw this and on the next swoop she jumped upon the winged creature and eliminated all the Demons who were controlling it, she quickly ended the creatures life thrashing at its head with her sword and soon they both came tumbling down to crash on top of several escaping Demons.

At the gates the Solarans slowed things down, they didn’t want to enter the Wastelands unprepared, so as the last Demons disappeared into the darkness, the Solarans turned round and went back to find out what had happened to Yelyah and the other few who didn’t escape

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