When the Solaran Army returned and things were as they should have been from the beginning, Solara, in her Temple, addressed all her subjects. She wanted to reward her greatest Warriors. The Jardacia was in the Temple overseeing the reward ceremony. Solara called forth her first, Ashrah. “You have been a most loyal subject, I remember the age where Vicean and the other Demons turned out of greed, you were the one who lead us to victory with Ellrah. This day and forth you will be known as Ashrah the keeper of the Archives,” she announced.

With that, the crowd cheered and then Ashrah spoke. “I am happy of this title, I have been with you since the beginning of time and I shall be here until the end my Goddess.” she said. Next, she called Ellrah just as Ashrah was receiving her reward from the Jardacia. “Ellrah, you are Ashrah’s equal and opposite, you too have served well over these dark times, you my child will, therefore, receive the opposite title. Ellrah the keeper of the Treasuries! And may you guard the Treasures well.” Solara said with a smile upon her beautiful face.

Ellrah walked towards the Jardacia and collected his reward, he held it over his head and the crowd cheered enthusiastically. Solara called to her throne the next few Solarans, Gonarr, Tibis and a few others were called.

“Gonarr, you have served well in your position, therefore, I am promoting you. An Avatar was lost in battle, that position I am offering to you. Will you accept?” she asked.

Gonarr looked around, he looked down and paused for a moment, he looked up. “I accept this great honour, I will serve you as I have always done. You will not regret this my Goddess.” he accepted.

With that his entire body began to glow with a light of one hundred suns, people started to look scared.

“Do not worry, this is a natural transition when Avatars become who they are.” said the Jardacia. Gonarr’s body began to change, his hair went white and his eyes as blue as the sea, his clothes changed too, he was being transformed. When the light went out he emerged in golden armour, his face was changed. Gonarr looked at his self in the mirror. “Ah, so this is what I look like now then,” he said unsurely.

An Avatar walked by him. “Welcome to our world Gonarr, feel the power of the collective run through your veins. I think you’re going to like being an Avatar.” the Avatar said.

The rest of the rewards were handed out and Solara called for silence in her Temple. She would now give a speech on the War.

“This war was not caused by any of us here, but instead by the greed of a few high ranking Council members who use democracy as a tool of evil to get what they want. Democracy is evil, one group of Demons take control and then it rests upon that group’s whim on what to do. They manipulated others around them and weakness is found. Here we have one hand that controls all and we are righteous for it, there are no whispers in my ear, I command to enlighten not to enslave. Slaves to themselves, the Demons are enslaved by their votes. Democracy benefits only a portion of people, not the entire people.” Solara said.

With that, the Solarans stood firmly to attention, raised their fists and shouted. “Hail Solara!” they shouted repeatedly.

The war was over and it would take millennia for the Demons to recover. Now an age of growth will begin.

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