Therabus was a member of our religion at the beginning of 2001, he met John, our first Lord Avatar at his first meeting. They did not like each other, for John it was just another member he had added to the collective, but for Therabus it was a place he socialised with his friends that were also members.

Therabus had always had a great wealth of knowledge on the terrorism issue and spoke out against it frequently. He knew that many people had died because of cowardly attacks, but to him, it seemed like everyone had forgotten or didn’t care as long as it wasn’t happening to them. Sometime later a major attack happened and it was world news. He could not believe his eyes, he rang most people who said to him that a thing like this would never happen purely to gloat. Then he mentioned that it is now possible for this to come to our borders and we need to be on the alert for such a thing. The next year came and terrorism was now a subject of global importance. It was at our Faith’s second annual meeting when he spoke about it because it was also happening all over the world but media only covered one small part of a whole.

John listened and soon came to the conclusion that his first impression of Therabus was incorrect and the two reconciled and became friends. Therabus continued his speeches about these cowards, soon he would leave the country to cover stories that the media had not.

He started his Journey in an eastern part of Russia where these ruthless acts of evil were being carried out. He would record as much as he could and then write an article for his website, his writing did not have the effect he desired though he gained much information for himself, he just wanted to do more.

He came back for another annual meeting of the Faith, many were worried about his safety once he spoke to them about the evil he had seen, but Therabus was not. It was in his nature to do things for the greater good, he would later do more to help as he had learned most were persuaded into the act at an early age.

After the meeting, he went home for a while to see relatives but he didn’t tell them what he was doing in other countries, he didn’t even tell them about his website. They were already suspicious of Therabus and when he said he was leaving the Country again with a tear in his eye they began to question him. He told them nothing and left once again.

He arrived at his destination somewhere in the east, however, this was just a place to stop at along the way, for the rest of the journey he would drive. It took a long time to reach the site and upon arrival, he was tired and hungry, he ate then he slept for two days when he woke he began following a groups movement around the area and reported it back to his website.

Though Therabus was happy with what he had done so far he really wanted to get more than he already had. He asked a few of the people he had been documenting at the time for an interview, however, they declined, so he left it at that. A while later a younger member approached Therabus, he wanted to do the interview. Therabus told him to meet later that day for the interview, but he said it must be done now.

Therabus set up the cameras and lighting and began to interview the boy, in the interview it became apparent that this child, no more than fifteen was about to go on an attack later that day. Therabus spoke in depth about it with the boy and tried to talk him out of it. The hours passed but it appeared Therabus had finally found someone as equally stubborn as himself. The boy left the interview and Therabus thought it was the end for the boy. Later the boy turned up at his door and told Therabus he didn’t do it but now he was in danger. Therabus took care of him until people came looking, Therabus gave the boy his money just before he was taken hostage and brutally murdered.

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