The Visit

BySolaran Faith

Jul 20, 2021

John had started the week, as usual, he started work at 6 am at his new job as a factory worker. John did not like this job and hated his boss, his boss was quite horrible and so he decided to look for a new job.

As the week went on it became more and more unbearable his boss would give him hourly lectures on unimportant things so John decided to take a trip to the forest he so loved. It quickly got to Friday and John was happy because it was the day he was going to the forest. He still had to endure one more day at this dreadful factory but it would be worth it because he could be alone in the forest later.

He finished work at 2 pm and immediately went home to prepare his things for the trip, he arrived at the forest at 4 pm and it was just getting dark. He started a campfire and made some food, he just sat around for a while thinking about his life and all of his problems. Then a while later he witnessed a shooting star, so he made a wish, he wished his life would get better. Then he went for a walk around the forest for an hour.

After his walk he returned to the camp he had made earlier, John was now quite tired and went to sleep at 8 pm. John woke up at exactly 12 am and went outside his tent, the fire was just about to go out so he looked for more wood to burn.

John suddenly heard a loud noise, he looked all around but could not see anything. The sky then lit up for a brief time, it was a blinding light, when the was gone he looked to the skies and he could see a ball of light coming towards him. John took a few steps back and this ball landed two feet in front of him, the light then disappeared to reveal two figures dressed in what seemed to be knights’ armor.

These two figures stepped forward and called out his name. John became worried but still replied to them. These two figures introduced themselves as Ashrah and Ellrah, John asked them if it was real, he thought he was dreaming or somebody was playing a trick on him. Ashrah and Ellrah replied they said that they were from another realm of existence.

John was confused so he asked what they meant, they said they have come from a place outside this reality. Ashrah and Ellrah explained everything to John, they began with the explanation of the creation of all things, they also told John of the Age Of Independence.

John heard all this and asked why they had come to Earth and to him, they replied, we are here to start the revival of our once-great religion for the Goddess Solara. John then asked about Solara, Ashrah explained about Solara and stated that she is trapped within her Temple in the White City.

John asked: “Why if she is a Goddess, is she trapped?”

Ellrah responded he said to John: “After the Age Of Independence there were no followers of her religion so she became trapped. The more who follow her ways the more powerful she shall become.”

Ashrah began to tell John of the Demonic Horde and all that they do throughout this realm, she then told him of the threat that came from the most deceitful Demon, Vicean. They then spoke of all things to do with this religion, they told John of the Laws Of Stone, the hierarchy, and so on.

John, knowing more about the realm Moiah, asked them, why they came to this world, he said that there must be better life forms to choose from.

Ashrah and Ellrah both replied they said to John: “Your species is a most resilient race, it is your people that we see will dominate all other life across Moiah.”

They then told John to write a book of what they had told him and they both stepped back and said goodbye to John. The ball of light surrounded them once again and they ascended into the sky.

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