It was now almost the year 2009 and the time of our annual meeting. John had been having strange dreams but he was not sure if they were dreams or visions of the future. These dreams were about the annual meeting and an attack from a group of people.

John ignored these dreams and carried on with his work as this year he was going to promote a new High Priest. He had a list of his Priest’s names and selected the best three from that list. John would wait until the meeting to speak to all three Priests individually.

It grew closer to the meeting and John was starting to get worried about his dreams, he spoke to a few members to tell them about these dreams and he asked them what their opinion was on the matter. They told John not to worry about these things as there will be many members coming to the meeting. It was now the year 2009 and our annual meeting was in just two weeks’ time. John prepared his usual speech and so on but he was still thinking about his dreams.

John still could not decide who was to become the new High Priest and it was the day of our meeting. We started the meeting at about 5 pm and there were some new members present, we started a fire and began the meeting, there were about one hundred and twenty people at this meeting. It was quite dark and we were just talking about things oblivious to what was yet to come.

It was now about 7 pm and the meeting was almost over when we heard shouting coming from the surrounding woodland. John then said that this was the start of what he had dreamt. Most of us knew what he meant and we stood up, then many people came out of the woodland shouting at us.

We all stood around in a circle, they were still shouting at us, a few of our members ran away but most of us stood firm. These people shouted at us more, they called us names and said they were Viceans and that they were there to put a stop to our religion. These Viceans surrounded us, they pulled out metal poles and so we picked up bits of wood because we knew we would have to fight our way out of it.

These Viceans began to attack so we retaliated, we had numbers on our side, the Priests stayed with Lord Avatar to protect him. Our guards did most of the work in fighting these people. Eventually, the Viceans fled, shouting they would return.

Then John said he had decided who was now to become the new High Priest, he spoke to Ashley for an hour afterward and appointed him the position of High Priest.

The meeting was now over and a lot of us were still asking who the people that attacked us were, but nobody had the answer to this question, John simply said there may be more attacks like this one.

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