There once lived a woman who was blinded by arrogance. She firmly believed that our world was the only world in which life could exist. She believed it so much that when she was confronted with a logical argument against her beliefs she would ignore their points and pretend she heard none of it. The more people tried to convince her of Alien life the more closed-minded she became.

A few years passed and the Woman’s arrogance never wavered. She felt so strongly that there was nothing in the universe but us and God that she preached her narrow-minded view. She preached it everywhere she could, at work, at her Son’s school, and in civic places such as shopping malls and town centres. She drew quite a crowd, some were in agreement, others were not. There was no way of knowing for sure that her theories were correct, she used that to her

Over a few months, the Woman had grown in confidence, her followers expanded, she even had her own entourage. She was acquiring quite a crowd at her events, it got her noticed. On one cold winters morning, at a rally, a Man approached her, he was offering her a salary to do her speeches to much larger crowds in Churches up and down her Country. The Woman, reluctant at first, agreed to the man’s generous offer.

A few weeks later she was in a building preparing for her new show. The building was packed full of her followers. Some, however, were not her followers, they were the Group who believed in Alien races and planets. They were there to convince people of their logic.

As the Woman made her entrance the crowd booed and cheered at the same time. The audience was split right down the middle. She knew what she had to do would be no easy task but she persevered nonetheless.

As the evening went on, logical arguments from the Group began to sway those on the other side. They argued for some time, they believed logically, that in an infinite universe where life has happened once, it would have happened many more times. For if we are alone in this universe, it shall be a very lonely existence.

The Woman still did not want to accept their logic. She instead continued to spread her theories for much longer. She was unstoppable, converting others to her beliefs, but her beliefs were more than likely to be wrong.

Those who believed in other life in the universe knew that they could never prove such a thing, so instead, they chose to collectively gather all their knowledge in an attempt to make a better argument. Over a few weeks, they had gathered plenty of what appeared to be genuine proof. After a few weeks, the Woman went back to work. She had grown in fame amongst her fellow citizens, and the Group was not happy with what she was doing. She had to change the mindset of those she preached to. Their way of thinking was being corrupted by thoughts of a Christian Agenda. That was the Woman’s doing, she was a devout Christian that believed Aliens would disprove her Faith.

The weeks went on, and she continued evermore, trying desperately to convince her followers that there was only God in the unknown space. She told her people that her God inhabited space and that is why it is infinite, endless size. But as she tried to explain her theory a Group jumped out. That Group was made up of six individuals who claimed to have actual proof of other life. Life that had gone unnoticed but had recently been discovered.

The group took to the stage, tore the microphone from the Woman, and began to show the audience their findings. They explained that Alien life was on our very doorstep. They told the people that on one planet in our Solar System existed microscopic life under the ice, they told them how it was possible for that to happen.

The group continued uninterrupted for a few minutes, the crowd was utterly mesmerised by what they were being presented with. When the end came the Groups only response to the people and the Woman was that if life existed in our own Solar System, on another planet in our System, then it must be a common occurrence.

At that moment, something surprised everyone in the hall, the Woman came back to the stage and shook the groups’ hands one by one. She too was mesmerised by the evidence presented, it was almost undeniable. The Woman saw the logic in her own way, she thought that if her God was real, logically he would have said something about other planets and races, he is after all, supposedly all-knowing. She took a great long look at what she had created and she felt shame and embarrassment. She saw her path clearer than ever. All of which was through logical analysis. She abandoned her Faith to join our own.

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