After the Councillors were evacuated the battle turned and the Solarans had defeated every living Demon. They surrendered unconditionally.

“The subjugation has begun.” a Solaran remarked.

Solara, still watching the Black City on her map, was elated for the victory. “At last, no more Demon Horde to worry about,” Solara said to her people. “Chain the Demons and destroy the City.”

With that the entire Solaran army chained the Demons to each other, there were protests from the
Demons but they were quickly quietened by the Solarans.

The Demons, now shackled and chained, were frightened about what was to become of them and
their ways. Discussions were had with each Demon, it became a topic of interest.

“What are these Solarans going to do to us, our ways? Is this it, all we have done comes crashing
down because of a few of our Leaders!” a Demon named Far’Uw said to his friend.

Other Demons said they must try to escape or they would all be killed, fear then swept the Demons, this was a first for them, they had never experienced such terror. Soon word reached the Avatars ears of the fears the Demons had. An Avatar named Li’Coo spoke to his superiors and told them of this fear, he did not believe that his people could commit genocide even at the risk of more wars.

“What is to become of our prisoners, has Solara said what she is to do with them?” Li’Coo questioned.

“No, she has made no decision yet,” Ellrah replied.

Soon Solara gave the orders to destroy the City for she knew the Demonic Horde would quickly take it back. Ellrah acknowledged the order and began moving his army into the buildings to take them down brick by brick. Statues were destroyed easily but buildings were more involved. It took twenty and thirteen days to completely destroy the City. Demons watched as their homes were laid to rubble.

“They cannot do this, this is our City. We must fight them out of her! Let’s figure a way out of our shackles.” The Demon Far’Uw said quietly, as to not alert his captors.

Soon the Demons were trying to escape but an order soon came from the Goddess herself. “If any Demon tries to escape they will be destroyed immediately,” Solara warned.

Soon the City would be as barren as the lands surrounding it, but what will become of the Demons, they couldn’t be released for they would rebuild and a new war would start. Someone suggested that they become slaves, another suggested they be put to death for their treachery. “More discussions must be had.” one Solaran official said.

Once the City was destroyed the Demons were taken back through the Wastelands to The City Of Eternal Light, it would be left to The Jardacia to judge them on these new crimes against the Solaran Empire. Entering the Wastelands the Demons knew it would be their chance to escape. “Now more than ever these Demons will try to escape, we must put in measures to stop them from trying.” one official said to an Avatar.

“Yes, I see this problem too, my friend.” the Avatar said.

Demons began whispering to one another. “Let’s get out of these chains now and run into the Darkness.” one said.

“There are millions of us here, we will not all escape. And may I add that the Solarans have ordered immediate execution to anyone caught trying to escape.” another said.

All Solarans were told by a Demon, who was trying to gain favour, that his people were plotting to run. A Solaran who heard his words reported to Ashrah. “They betray even each other, a Demon has just told me of an escape plan that some Demons have made, they wait until the Valley then they will break their chains,” he said.

“Thank you for telling me, however, if the Demons try and break free they will all die, let that informant know all lives are bound as one if one tries to run all the Demons will be vanquished,” Ashrah replied.

“Yes, I shall tell him that, Ashrah.” the Solaran said.

He went off and told that Demon what was said and it was left to him to decide whether or not to tell the others.

Some time went by before they reached the Valley, the Demon informant made a speech.

“We are bound, our fates are all the same. You must understand that running before we know what will happen to us is foolish. One run and others stay, this will kill those who stay. When we reach the Solarans City we may find them to be understanding and…” he said.

Before he could finish his speech, many Demons made a run for it, those in chains knew their fate if they did not flee so more and more made a dash for the Darkness.

“That is it, Solara’s orders are simple, destroy every Demon,” Ashrah said.

Soon the Demons were being chased, fighting began in small pockets but some Demons were purposely tripping their own people over as to buy them more time. Only twenty per cent of the Demons made it out of that Valley the rest were captured and destroyed. Solara had known the Demons would do this but she wanted to give them the benefit of a fair Judgement. The Solarans continued home and upon arrival, the tree, Yahmos, began his victory song in honour of all the Solarans.

Solara then called every Warrior into her Temple. She would give a speech and reward her Soldiers.

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