Eons ago, in an age of uneasy peace between the two races of the next realm, the Demons were busy. They built many new things. They consolidated their power in the darkness of the Wastelands. The two Cities became one, forever dark they built one huge City, a City that matched Solara’s own creation. The Demons had grown wise in the Wastes, wise enough to create their own gate, wise enough to create a gate which led to a second realm.

In their newly found second realm, they built a universe of evil and deceit. They built an exact equal to our Realm, but as equal it was, it was also a complete opposite. They created planets, stars, and life. When evolution took hold and the beginning signs of sentient life emerged, the Demons, eager to corrupt their creations, told them of their Realm. They taught them that deceit was the only option, they told them that deceit would gain them power in that life and the next. Once their new Realm leaned of the power that each Demon had, the sentient life of that Realm bowed down to the Demonic Horde in worship.

It was a strange time for the inhabitants of the other Realm, some sentient life thrived in the conditions the Demons had made, however, not all were satisfied. The Demons’ teaching of democracy and deceit had led most to high power, but that was the problem. There were too many voices to be heard which caused chaos, nothing could be changed easily, everything was debated endlessly.

Once the Demons new Realm was in full motion, the deceit and darkness spread like a plague of locusts across the Universe, ensnaring all those who never had a chance to be anything other than tools, slaves even, slaves to the way of the Demonic Horde and slaves even to those of their own worlds. Once this was finished the Demons returned to their City and rested.

For eons, The Black City was replenished by those who had died in the other Realm. And for eons, it went largely unnoticed by Solara and her Avatars. Each time someone died in the other Realm they were either allowed into The Black City or they were cast out. Those cast out were cast out for leading a modest, honest, and honorable life. They were left in the darkness, wandering blindly in the black fog. Those allowed into the City were rewarded for their deceit,
they were given power, but it was power they couldn’t use to its full effect. Demon’Ocracy was the very thing keeping them from growth, it had a treacherous effect on those who craved it. All Demons were equal, they all had a voice, and with it, the constant noise of chaos ensued.

Sometime later, when the Demons recovered from the great build, they returned to the other Realm to find it in chaos. Their new civilization had turned upon itself, though this time, it was not by divine intervention. It was simply destined to destroy itself, democracy breeds the power-hungry, it breeds dissent and sedition, it breeds liars and thieves. The Demons were unaware of how to stop the rapid decay of their civilization, but nevertheless, they tried.

The Demonic Horde visited worlds on the brink of collapse to discover that their statues and temples had been raised to the ground. In their fury, the Demons unleashed themselves upon those who had turned. The battles were swift and decisive, the inhabitants of the other Realm once again bowed to the vicious Demons and rebuilt their temples and statues. Once again the Demons returned to The Black City to rest and recuperate.

It was another age of growth for the Demonic Horde, they began to feed off the deceit and anguish of the other Realm again, in their feeding they all grew stronger. More creatures arrived in the Demonic City every second and all was great for the Demons, that was, until the Age Of Reclamation. This was an age not unlike that of Solara’s. It was a Demonic version of the Solaran Age Of Independence and it was happening right across their Universe.

The war in the other Realm was between two factions. On one side, there were those who believed that the corruption of the Demons was slowly suffocating what little freedoms they had. On the other side, there were those who believed that without the Demons there would be no future. The Battle raged for an age, the Demons, stuck in their democratic trance, could not agree on a solution. They were losing their current source of power.

Over the next few millenniums in the Demonic Realm, things were becoming more grave than the Demons had previously thought. But still, the Demon’Ocracy could not agree, and whilst the suffering continued in their other Realm, they still at least were taking power from the corruption.

A great time longer, the Realm the Demons had created and controlled, began to collapse. Their power went from its zenith to its lowest form. Now and only now did the Demon’Ocracy change its stance. They feared losing their powers, they feared losing souls, they feared more than they had ever experienced.

With the Demons in agreement, they dispatched a group to restore their other Realm, this group was made up of the original five who betrayed Solara. Vicean, Ranook, Scorn, Hadrii, and Killius were sent into the other Realm to return power to those who maintained their worship of the Demon’Ocracy.

Upon their arrival, they witnessed the devastation which had been brought upon those they created, but they were not sympathetic to those they considered beneath them. The five Demons traveled from world to world trying desperately to restore them, their efforts were in vain, the Age Of Reclamation had endured for too long unchallenged.

To add insult to injury, the Solarans had gained knowledge of the abomination the Demons had created, and they did send emissaries of the Solaran Empire to avert that Realm from the destructive way of the Demon’Ocracy.

The five Demons sent by their Council had no alternative but to return to their Black City and report what had happened. The Demons were outraged and began to turn upon themselves. For millennia they fought each other, and for millennia they were blinded to all else.

When they had finally stopped fighting each other it was too late. They could no longer afford to return to the other Realm. They had exhausted much of their power and lost many new souls which could have replenished them. But all was not lost, some of their previous influence had survived in the other Realm, some influence, however, was clearly Solaran in origin. Their Realm had been split between darkness and light, Demon’Ocracy and Dictatorship.

So as it was in Moiah, so shall it be in the other Realm, and the balance came into existence. For everything that happens here in our Realm, the opposite shall be true in the other Realm. And so shall it remain until we one day tip the balance back in our favor and destroy the darkness of deceit and Demon’Ocracy.

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