The incident with the sword was not a miracle as such. It was, however, a show of religious courage and defiance. On one afternoon, around the time of Warriors Day in March, I was angered by my girlfriends’ stupidity. Her ex-husband had tried to worm his way back into the scene. He invited her out whilst I was meant to be asleep, I saw them from the window of the front bedroom. As they went out I could only imagine what was happening.

When she returned, I thought I would play dumb for a while to catch her out. She came back without the kids, that was where my plan took a rather unfortunate detour. “Where have you been?” I asked. “And where are the kids?”

“We just went to the shops,” she began. “they’re outside with him.”

I immediately knew what I was meant to do, it was like a flash shot through my soul, it told me what to do. I rushed upstairs warning her what I was about to do. She went outside and told her ex-husband to go, but it was too late for that, I had already picked up the Samurai sword and was at the door.

I unsheathed my sword and stepped outside, giving chase to the husband, I waved it around and shouted at him. Then from nowhere, I heard others shouting at me, it was a neighbor who was stood by her car. I threatened her, not with the sword, but with words. In essence, I warned her not to get involved. She called the Police.

I spent two days in a cell and was at court on a Monday. Unbeknown to me, there were two journalists taking notes in the viewing gallery. I was focused on getting out of the mess I had created.

A few days had passed, when my girlfriend got a phone call from one of her friends. It was to tell her that I was in the papers. I was in the Worcester News and the Pershore Gazette, at least I think that’s what they were called.

The reason I publicize this is down largely to the fact it was Warriors Day and that was why I carried the sword, but also to emphasize the fact that I had been given this opportunity to show those ignorant people in Manchester what I was capable of. It served as a warning to all those enemies I had back there. They thought me a coward, they thought me a fool, they were lucky they didn’t have to deal with what I could have inflicted upon their miserable hinds. This was why it had to be done. I see Solara’s logic is undeniably supreme, she made me show the world Solaranism in its most basic form.

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