The first Lord Avatar always said to us, the people of Solara, that he did not mourn the dead, but he did mourn the living. He mourned the living because they were the ones who suffered, they were the ones who had to come back into our realm. He felt joy for those who had died because they were on the Righteous Path to a new existence.

I have often contemplated my own mortality and my Righteous Path. After all that I have done for my Goddess, I do not think she would spare me from death, I do not think she would want to. I am needed here in this realm for the time being, but as soon as my usefulness to the end of her goal I would, and will, gladly take my walk into her Realm.

As it is written in our books, the greater the deeds here, the greater the power there. I have sacrificed much since I took the title, but I would have it no other way.

All people live and die, but not all are remembered, I would be remembered for this, our Faith and Empire. This should be the primary concern for every Solaran. I do, however, believe that all people, that are active in our Faith, will be remembered if they act in a way such as those who have been written into the books we preach.

To me, it is not important for what I am remembered after I take my last journey, but that I am remembered regardless. I hope by that time I have made this Faith the main contender to all over Faiths.

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