Now, somewhere in the Temple of Solara, Yelyah, unaware of her Armies defeat, searches for Solara in an attempt to destroy her and show all that she is the greatest power in the realm. Yelyah searches room to room, she finds herself in a library of all the written work of every Solaran who ever existed.

She began to see how much knowledge the Solarans possess and she asks herself why the Demons don’t have the same amount of knowledge they possess. She sits at the golden table and opens a book, she begins to read it, it’s about the history of the realm. As she reads more she begins to understand why the Demons were cast out, her opinion of the war changes and she begins to weep. Suddenly the door behind her opens with a bang, she jumps out of her seat and turns around, Yelyah sees nothing and dries the tears in her eyes.

A voice was then heard, it spoke to Yelyah. “Come forth into my chamber so that you may see
truth, a truth of all realms and all creatures. Come forth.” the voice said.

Yelyah moved forward and through the door, she saw in this room only a mirror, the doors
closed and locked behind her. “I don’t like where this is taking me,” Yelyah said.

Yelyah, alone in the room, tried to get out but the voice spoke again. “You must look into the
mirror or you will remain here until you do,” it said.

“Why must I look into the mirror, what is so important?” She asked.

“You must see truth, you must see who you were and what you are now.” the voice said calmly.

Yelyah was still unsure of the task given to her, she stepped forward two paces and briefly looks into the mirror, she saw herself as she was before, beautiful and young. She steps back. “I cannot look anymore, that is who I was and you took it from me,” Yelyah said.

“No, this is what you took away from yourself, with every bad deed you did a piece of you was taken. Look again!” the voice said.

Yelyah steps forward this time she sees the truth of her nature, she was beautiful, kind, generous and had many friends until she became easy to manipulate. The Demons took her good soul and twisted it into evil. Yelyah again steps back.

“It was not my fault, I lost what I adored most,” she admitted.

“Everyone loses something in their life but all do not change, some accept the wrongs which have befallen them and move on with their lives. Why could you not have done the same?” the voice states.

“Have you brought me into this room to tease me on my past. Why must I see this?” Yelyah cries

The voice did not respond but a door opened and Yelyah rushes out of the door into a new room, a room full of art.

Yelyah walks up to a painting, it was of herself, she had shackles on and each shackle had a name. Deceit, manipulation, envy, hate and chaos were that names of her shackles. “What does this mean?” Yelyah asked.

“It is you, the path you followed in Moiah, the one which lead you down this hate-filled road.” the voice said.

“But why must I see this, what is your purpose in showing me all this?” Yelyah asked.

The voice did not answer but instead told her to look upon another painting, she moved to another one. It was her again but this time it was an alternative, how she would have been if she was not manipulated by Demonic Forces. In the picture she was beautiful and dressed in white and gold, her dress had words on them. Love, truth, prosperity and forgiveness.

“If you had loved you would have been truthful, if you were truthful you would have been forgiven, if you were forgiven you would have been prosperous. This is the life you could have made for yourself.” the voice said.

“I cannot bear to see this anymore, let me out of this room, let me out of this room now!” Yelyah

Another door opened and she walked through, this room was a cage, dark, cold and damp. Yelyah thought to herself, what the point of this room was. “What is this room for?” She asked the voice. There was no reply.

Yelyah, being trapped in this cage, looked around for a way out, but there was none. She saw only a bench, she sat on the bench and waits for the voice to return to tell her what this all meant. Then in the corner of her eye, she sees a light. “What could this be?” she questioned.

Then the light turns into Yelhsa, the Avatar she had destroyed in battle in the valley. At first, the Avatar just stood and glared upon her retched face, she feels uncomfortable and turns away. The Avatar then walked over to her and sat beside her.

“Look at me,” Yelhsa says.

“No, I don’t want to play this game anymore, let me out of this cage!” She howled.

“Look at me!” Yelhsa shouts.

She turned and faced him, his face was bruised and beaten, and his clothes and body were torn.

“This is what you did to me, I have been destroyed because of your hatred. Nothing of me survives because you were manipulated by Demons. Your life could have been so different if you were pure! You are now a prisoner because of your arrogance. I hope you like your cage, you are going to be here for a while.” Yelhsa said with conviction.

Yelyah then says something which no other would have thought. “Leave me here, I no longer care. My life has been agony for millennia this will not change anything,” she said. The Avatar Yelhsa then stood up, shook his head and began to walk towards a door which had just appeared.

“Follow me,” he said.

Yelyah followed him and this time it was the throne room she entered, the very room she had entered the Temple to find. The room was full of Solarans who looked at her. Yelyah saw Solara sitting at her throne, she walked towards the throne.

“My work is finished, I will return to Moiah and live my new life. Goodbye Yelyah.” Yelhsa said.

With that, his essence disappeared.

Solara spoke first to her Solaran people. “Here, in my very own throne room, we have a Demon. A Demon whose purpose was to destroy our ways, to destroy me. She has been on a journey guided by The Jardacia, a journey of self-discovery.” she began.

“So that was the voice, but what was his purpose in showing me all of this,” Yelyah muttered.

Solara then calls for The Jardacia to come forth and speak to the people gathered. “Her journey was one of many, she had to see the path she chose before she could see the path which could have been. This test was to see if she had any regrets” the Jardacia said.

Yelyah turns away. “I knew this was a test,” she said.

The Jardacia then walked towards her. “Do you regret the path you choose or do you not?” he

“Choices are what make each and every one unique, but your path was not a choice it was merely a game for the Demons, this is why The Jardacia gave you this chance. Chose your words wisely.” Solara interrupts.

“Do you regret?” the Jardacia repeats.

Yelyah looks around. “If I do regret what does that make me? Where can I go after saying this? The Demons will not take me, you will not take me, who will take me?” she said.

The Jardacia looked to Solara then nodded, he looked back to Yelyah. “You will be allowed to return to Moiah and have a new chance, a chance to start over with none of the troubles you have now. Do you regret?” he said again.

Yelyah smiled and a tear rolls down her cheek. “Yes I regret,” announces Yelyah. In that moment her essence was released into Moiah.

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