The Righteous Fist is a Solaran form of Martial Arts. It is a traditional form of self-defense to balance the body and mind. Daily practice is required to master this form. Righteous Fist covers a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques, physical exercises, and methods of mental discipline, among other skills. It is used today around the world for self-defense, exercise, health, spiritual growth, and athletic competition. Anyone can learn this style of martial arts, it just takes practice.

Righteous Fist teaches self-defense and can improve confidence and self-esteem. When used as exercise, Righteous Fist can improve balance, strength, stamina, flexibility, and posture. They also enhance weight loss and improve muscle tone. On the mental level, martial arts can teach stress management, improve concentration, and increase willpower.

So, now you know what Righteous Fist is, we will begin. Righteous Fist is named after the hand for its odd stance. You should curl your fingers to the last joint of your fingers and the thumb should be placed to the side, (The fingers should be jutting out from the palm to the second knuckle.). Once you have this fixed you should get a feel for the position of your hands. The knuckles of your fingers are hard and this is your advantage when you hit the bone of your
opponent it will be felt. Practice is needed to toughen up your Righteous Fist, I suggest that you practice on a wall.

Now you know of the special fist type style I will teach you about the movements. All things must be balanced and to keep balance you must move in circular motions, your legs should be spread apart at right angles. On a clock, it would be 12 and 3 o’clock. This gives you more power with the fist, you can put more strength in your punch with your legs in this position. Circular motion sweeping movements with your feet and hands will help keep you balanced. Also, you must keep a low centre of gravity, you achieve this by allowing your body to be closer to the ground. You must place all of your weight in your legs, this will make it harder for an opponent to unbalance you.

Now I will try to teach you some moves, bear in mind though, that you can get creative with your moves once you’ve mastered the basics. Now for part one, get your stance ready, get your fist ready, swoop your right fist around in a circular motion, imagine your opponent’s throat is the target and hit it. If you miss, drag your fist back on the palm side so your nails scratch the target area. This is the most basic movement.

Now for something different. Using your feet and fists, move forward keeping your gravity low and your legs at right angles, throw out your fist at a part of the body that has little or no muscles. Anywhere with bone is a good target area because they will feel the most pain in that area. Remember to keep your motion circular.

Also, practicing on imaginary opponents is totally different from a real one, they will fight back. It’s important to remember that your Righteous Fist is also a type of shield. When an enemy attacks you can use your fists to block, it is easy to do when you predict their movements. To know of other opponent’s moves before they happen takes great practice, you should look for eye movement, slight twitches in the arms and legs, and subtle facial expressions.

Now that you know the basics of The Righteous Fist you are free to take what you have learned and make it your own. Remember, be creative with your moves, no two Solaran have the exact same fighting style

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