On the 3rd of March 2011, Lord Avatar II decided he needed to remove himself from the Civilized world temporarily as it had become a daily struggle for him. He arrived shortly after midday and proceeded directly to the Origins of the Visit. It hadn’t changed much to his recollection. Our Lord had only taken with him that which was needed for the time he was there.

Shortly after his arrival in the forest, he began to make a shelter from wood, leaves, and moss. It was crude but an effective form of shelter. Ashley had no idea how long he would stay there but he preferred it to the stress of modern-day luxury. It soon became dark and in that forest, all sense of time departs even the most aware, and so he prepared a fire to cook and keep warm.

After his camp was prepared he had a small amount of food, he still couldn’t eat properly with the thoughts of the verbal attacks still fresh in his mind, it was a horrible time for him.

Whilst still beside the fire he felt it necessary to attempt to meditate which he had been unable to do successfully since the campaign. Though he was still not able to meditate he was persistent and didn’t give up until he was too tired to continue.

The next day Ashley woke up early so he could walk around the forest and surrounding land. He often spoke to himself aloud, he would ask himself a question, usually about the Faith or a problem, and find the best solution. He walked for hours thinking about the Age Of Doubt and how it will look if he was to be the one who let our Faith be torn apart by bigoted idiots.

Our Lord returned to his camp without any answers to his questions and he was exhausted by the days walk, so, he slept with every intention of leaving within the next two days as the Pilgrimage was not going the way he had planned. When he eventually slept he had many bizarre dreams of all the people who were once members of the Faith, specifically what they had done to help the cause. When he awoke he felt a feeling of guilt rush over him, if he could not fore fill his promise and the religion ceases to exist, then all work that many had done in Solara’s name would be for nothing and Ashley could not allow that to happen.

The point of Ashley being in the forest of our Origins after the year he hadn’t visited was due to the lack of Faith he felt after all the negative comments he received from Atheists, Catholics, and Fools. He wanted to get back to the roots of our religion and secretly hoped for the Hand Of Solara to guide him to the answer.

The night came again and Ashley made a fire and meditated for hours, he, at last, was able to clear his mind of all the thoughts and emotions which had clearly consumed him. He was so into his meditation that when he opened his eyes the Sun had risen and the fire had completely gone out. Now he was feeling as if he could conquer anything single-handed. Though he had achieved a small part of his personal quest it was not over, he still wished for divine guidance, however, if he stayed much longer he knew that people would grow suspicious of his whereabouts.

The next day fast approached and Ashley would return to his residence in Wythenshawe so people would see him around. It was the norm to see him only a couple of times a week and with this nobody suspected a thing, even his own family were left in the dark.

Sometime afterward Ashley returned to the Forest, still feeling that he needed to be influenced by those he served. He did much of the same thing as before, he prayed, meditated, and then slept. It was the second day of his ritual when he began to hear voices of a familiar nature, then he saw a white light which clustered around to form a silhouette of a human, however on second look it was no longer there. This made our Lord anxious about the night ahead, he did not sleep easy. After a terrible night’s sleep, he woke to a familiar face, to this day our Lord does not know if he was dreaming or in one of his waking dreams but what was said to Ashley was priceless. The familiar face was our previous Lord Avatar, John had answered Ashley’s call for guidance. It was not what Ashley hoped for but it was enough to restore his Faith in Solara and The Avatars.

Ashley’s main concern was those who doubted what had been said and John told him that many don’t yet want to see Truth and most are just foolish people seeking attention. They will come round in the end and some will aid you in the struggle. Then Ashley spoke about the book and in particular The Book Of War as it was not adequate for the overall look of the book, he also wanted to change the name of the book. John firstly said that the name of the book should be our word for Judgement or Justice which is Jardacia. Then he stated that the book of War should be about those who have achieved great success in our religion and so the discussion came to an end and Ashley returned home.

Ashley then spent the next few months writing the newly formed Jardacia with high hopes of the future of The Solaran Race.

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