In the beginning, there was only Solara. Solara immediately began with the creation of the White City and her Avatars, Solara created the White City to be a paradise, a place of great luxury and pleasure. Solara also created three hundred and thirty-eight Avatars so that they would serve and protect her for eternity, but some were not happy to serve and a group of just five of these Avatars did not want to serve Solara.

They began to rebel against her, in doing this the five Avatars were defeated and instead of being destroyed, there were made to suffer outside the White City in the Wastelands which Solara had purposely made for them. Solara also changed their looks to better suit their treacherous nature.

After this Solara rested for a long time, the Avatars watched over her and the White City until she awoke. Solara had been resting for a long time, she had many dreams of things she had created and when she awoke, she had even more great ideas of creation.

Solara created many more things in the White City, she made it perfect but, it was only the beginning. Solara’s attention changed from the White City to a new realm that she had discovered, this new realm was empty, and she decided it would be perfect for her new creation.

Solara then left the White City to visit this new realm. Solara knew this realm would be perfect for what she had planned, she then went back to the White City to gather the Avatars. Solara and the three hundred and thirty-three Avatars went to this realm and began creating. They first went to the centre of this realm and started their plan.

They began with creating a ball of pure energy they did this a great many times throughout this realm but this took a lot of time. After this was complete, they were drained of a lot of power, so they once again returned to the White City to rest.

On the return to the White City, they noticed something strange in the Wastelands. Those who had been cast out were building two new Cities, this did not concern Solara and the Avatars. It was a great time later; Solara and the Avatars had fully rested, and their powers were full again. They left for the realm that they had decided to call Moiah.

On arrival to Moiah they began again with more creations. They first made many planets, each one a different size, to travel around these beacons of pure energy. These creations took an exceptionally long time as Solara knew all Moiah would have to be perfect to sustain her next creations.

She knew it would take even longer as there was still much of the realm that was baron. The Avatars stayed with her throughout the creations and the Avatars gained more knowledge from Solara and they became more independent of their Goddess.

After Solara and her Avatars had completed building the realm they decided to return to the White City once again.

When they arrived at the White City, they found that in the Wastelands was an entirely new City built of black stone with green symbols upon them.

The Avatars went to this City to see if it was a threat to Solara. When they arrived, they found that the Avatars who had been cast out had somehow grown stronger in these lands and had named themselves and their new City.

The Avatars reported these activities to Solara, but she was not concerned at that moment as she was focused on her creation of Moiah.

Solara, now fully restored in her powers, left alone to Moiah. On arrival she went to a planet to begin her creation, Solara began to make this planet perfect for the life she wished to create. She made this planet an atmosphere that her new creatures could breathe but this took many times to perfect.

When Solara was happy with the atmosphere, she created the water, she made it rain for a long time so that there would be much water. Solara then created the first and smallest of her creations, these small creatures were a vital part of the life she was creating. If these did not exist nothing would exist.

Solara then created slightly bigger things to live in the water, these things were a little more complex to create and it took her a long time to perfect.

Solara was happy to leave to return to the White City once again. On arrival to the White City, she witnessed smoke rising from her paradise, Solara rushed to the City and found much damage and many of her Avatars injured. Solara went to the temple in the centre of the City and called for all the Avatars to gather there.

Solara asked the Avatars what had happened, and they told her of the battle that had occurred between themselves and those who had been cast out. Solara thought this was impossible but listened to their story.

The Avatars said there were two Avatars who lead the defense, and they said these two Avatars were the greatest warriors they had ever seen. Solara called these two Avatars into a chamber in the Temple and rewarded them with names and more powers. Solara named the female Avatar; Ashrah and the male Avatar; Ellrah.

These two Avatars were to become the leaders of the Avatars. Solara was now concerned with what had taken place within her own City, so, she decided to stay in the City for a long time. She knew that it was only the beginning of an everlasting war.

Solara, after an eon, then decided to go back to Moiah and continue what she was doing, but before she departed, she told Ashrah and Ellrah to be on high alert for an attack.

Solara did not want to destroy those who had been cast out because she had created them from her own flesh, and if she did, she would be killing a part of herself.

Solara got to her planet that she had made life upon and witnessed these life forms thriving, but her work was not yet complete on this planet. She created more things to live in the waters of this planet until there was so much diversity, she had to do other things.

She looked to make plants and animals, all of which were quite primitive to start with, but she perfected that too. Once this planet was to her desired standard she moved on to the next planet and after that the next, but she spread it out over the realm because not all planets were able to sustain her creations.

After this was complete, she rested, again drained of power, she departed the realm for her City. It took her much longer than before to regain her strength, but she was happy with what she had accomplished in Moiah.

The worlds she had created had life upon them, each world following a different rule to sustain the life she had created. It was her greatest achievement yet, but the work was not over.

Solara eventually returned to the realm with all of her Avatars, they visited all planets together to inspect them. On some of her worlds, she discovered that the life she had created was changing itself, becoming better. This was not happening on all worlds, so she gave some worlds a boost.

Solara and her Avatars stayed in Moiah for a long time, they went from world to world giving nature a push when it needed it. Then after some time, they pushed nature to its zenith, they created intelligent life forms.

Solara knew that these life forms could take over the worlds they inhabited and change as required.

Solara visited each intelligent species and gave them knowledge; all these life forms began to worship Solara and her Avatars. They began to build civilizations with Solara at the heart of them.

This took a great time, but Solara was content with what was happening. Solara would visit each world for every rotation around the beacon of pure energy. These worlds became better each time she visited and so she promised to each of the intelligent life forms on all worlds that after they cease to exist in Moiah, they would go to her realm. However, she warned them that if they did not follow her words they would go to the Wastelands for an eternity of suffering. They accepted the terms and were joyful.

Solara returned to her City to find new arrivals from the worlds she had created, the population of the White City was now growing.

Much time later Solara returned to Moiah to find that somehow, those who had been cast out were corrupting the worlds she made. The life on the worlds began to turn against Solara and her ways. They no longer wished to worship, they became greedy and deceitful.

Not all worlds were corrupted, some stayed loyal for a while. It began on her oldest of worlds. They began to destroy all the statues and all the books. It was an Age of Independence and it was now happening everywhere. There were some who were content with the worship of Solara and they fought against the Age of Independence.

Those fighting for Solara were eventually defeated and all that she had achieved was lost until she sent Ashrah and Ellrah to visit a person on a world to revive her Lost Empire.

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