Millennia of darkness brought by the Demonic Horde had cast a permanent shadow over much of the lands. But somewhere between the darkness and the light, a new race existed. A race that possessed both the qualities and the flaws of the two races that had inhabited the Realm since the dawn of time.

The new race was neither good nor evil, they were neutral in every way. Those who are neutral did not come from another Realm, they existed in a different way, they existed solely to consume the energies which were left behind by the host.

They did not have any will to fight or die. They had no hunger for war, only that which was left did they desire. The Neutral Race did not appear like those of the Realm, and for eons, they went largely unnoticed. That was until they grew bigger and stronger.

The Neutrals were the great scavengers of the Realm. They fed on whatever they could to survive, but as the war raged on there were more energies to consume. They gained in numbers and in size, though not all were the same. Some were great beasts that dragged their knuckles along the ground behind them, some were almost intelligent, however, most were tiny and brainless.

The more intelligent creatures of the Neutrals tried and succeeded in uniting them under one banner. There was a King, the King had a Council and the Council had the creatures. They were forming a half Demon’Ocracy and a half Dictatorship, two halves as one whole.

The more these creatures fed upon the residual energy, the more evolved they seemed to become, and the more evolved they became the more energy they required. And so they grew bigger and stronger.

Their King and Council declared that their race was supreme to the others of the next Realm. Soon enough they were noticed by both races, they were noticed only because they had grown more powerful, but they were noticed for the part they played during great battles. Hundreds of millions of the Neutrals were spotted gathering energy from the battlefield. The two races were too busy fighting each other to care what happened to the millions who had fallen in battle, but both sides noticed them nonetheless.

The Neutrals, feeling invincible now after millions of years of scavenging powers, felt that it was a necessary step to cause more battles between the Solarans and the Demons. The Neutrals sent out their people to cause more battles amongst the others. And for an age, it worked. They would light the fire in the hearts of the other races and step back until it was over and they could feed.

As it happens so often in the next Realm, war did come. But this war was not of normal circumstances, the war came in a surprising form. At the gates of both Cities, the Neutrals did come, they brought their new powers and their newly found arrogance with them. Their plan was to destroy as many of the two races as possible and collect their essence.

Their plan was optimistic for the most part, however, they did not see that their arrogance had clouded their judgment. The two races fought back the attackers and drove them far away, the Neutrals had experienced their first battle, they had experienced their first defeat, but after all of this, they still remained powerful. Not as powerful as they had thought but powerful nonetheless. It took a great time for the Solarans and the Demonic Horde to understand what had transpired in their Cities. Once they had discovered that this new race existed and had evolved into something
dangerous, they quickly put aside their differences for a time and began to plan an attack on the Neutrals.

Solara, in her temple, was outraged at the strategy the Neutrals employed. She was never blind to their existence but they served a purpose in her divided Realm. A purpose they had clearly outgrown. With their rapid rise to power and the means by which they used to evolve, they had become a threat. One which Solara did not intend to leave unchecked or unchallenged. The Demons, as is usual for their race, could not decide on a course of action. The City was divided between war and peace. In a sense they chose only to fight each other, their battle was
with words, against each other their tongues did much of the fighting. The Demons would not commit to a war with the Neutrals.

As the Solarans moved ever closer to war with the Neutrals, Solara, her Avatars and her followers gathered. They knew that the Demons would be debating the war in a committee for as long as it would take them to devolve the Neutrals. So, the Solarans marched forth into the murky grey lights of the Wastelands to find them.

It did not take the massive Solaran Army long before they found what they had searched for in the Wastes. They marched to a strange outpost of the Neutrals and stopped. The Solarans unleashed their power upon the building and it fell, turning into a thick slime which was absorbed by the land. Even the buildings were made up of the Neutrals.

After devolving the outpost the Solarans moved ever closer to the end of the campaign. They marched on towards a grey City, a city that was also composed of the Neutrals. This City stood high and wide, it wasn’t a match of just one City but it was a combined coalition of the two races Cities.

The Army march into position. The Neutrals came from their buildings in an attempt to defend them. They were marching towards the Solarans, towards their devolution. They withstood the onslaught for a while, but the Solarans power was too great, even for those who fed off it.

The battle was short, the Neutrals were defeated and they returned to their original form. Solara anticipated that it could happen again, this she could not allow. She reorganised the creatures, she corrected the mistake, never again would they evolve, and never again would they challenge the nature of Solara’s Realm of Existence.

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