The Old Hierarchy

1) Lord Avatar
2) High Priest
3) Commander Of The Guards
4) Priest and Priestess
5) Magnaminiam Guards
6)Tempestial Guards
7) Disciples

The New Hierarchy

1) Lord Avatar or Avatara
2) High Priest and High Priestess
3) League of Truth, Stone, Visions, War
4) Priest and Priestess
5) Magnaminiam Guards

New Hierarchy Explained

1) The Lord Avatar or The Avatara is the head of the Faith and Solaran Empire above all in the

2) The High Priests and High Priestesses are for ceremonial purposes, there will be one for each
of the books of The Jardacia; Truth, Stone, War and Visions and the person in the position of
Truth always succeeds the Lord Avatar.

3) The Leagues are a group of three who decide many things within the Faith before they are
passed up to the High Piety of the Hierarchy.

4) The Low Piety is Priests and Priestesses, they are used for the remedial things of the Faith
such as all Temple Low Ceremonies.

5)Magnaminiam Guard are the same as they have always been, the guards of the members of the
Faith, they operate outside the sections of Truth, Stone, War, and Visions

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