The Heir

BySolaran Faith

Nov 24, 2021

The Heir was a woman destined to inherit greatness. She was promised wealth and power by her Father. Her father was a very wealthy person, he had gained control of a company when he was very young. The man had only one child, his daughter, Sofia. She was his pride and joy, the only remaining relative the man had. His wife had died not long after the birth of their one and only child.

As Sofia grew up she was taught the ways in which to run a successful business. All her life she took orders from her father, that was at least, until a new woman appeared in her life. That woman was Maria, a beautiful woman with a dark mind, she planned to marry her father and have children with him. But this was no kind act of love, it was a devious attempt at gaining control of a business that had been steadily gaining in wealth and size.

As the months went on, Sofia and her Father steadily saw less of each other. In Sofia’s mind she knew why, but, she did not want to admit that Maria was taking control of her Fathers’ heart and mind. Sofia loved her Father and she did not want to lose him, his was the only love she had, yet his love was now somebody else’s.

After only six months did her Father marry Maria. It was an overly lavish ceremony, with hundreds of guests, staff, and performers, it was over the top in every way. The cost of the wedding surprised even the Groom, but the Bride decided every little detail. She was so controlling that she herself wrote the vows he would speak in the ceremony. She also dictated that the child, Sofia, would sit as far away from the ceremony as possible. Sofia’s Father nodded in agreement because he did not wish to upset his future wife.

After the wedding came a reception, it was another lavish expense Sofia’s Father would be paying for. He, however, did not mind the expense. It had seemed to Sofia that he was being used, but, as Sofia wanted to speak with her Father, Maria would see that and take him away from her. Maria did not want her new husband to hear anything bad about her. She went to extraordinary lengths to keep his daughter away.

After the wedding reception, the Bride and Groom left for their honeymoon, leaving Sofia with a person she had never met. That person was the Brides sister, Kelly, who was just as cruel as Maria. She made the young Sofia sleep on a cold floor, she rarely got fed, her hygiene suffered and the other children bullied her. It was a nightmare within a nightmare for Sofia and she longed for her Fathers’ return.

After two weeks of madness, Sofia’s father and his wife returned. They picked up Sofia and drove home. Maria wasn’t pleased and Sofia could see that upon her face. Her Father thought was oblivious to the tension in the car, all that he talked about was how good the honeymoon was and that he wanted to have more children. He asked his daughter what she thought and at that moment Maria gave a scornful look to her stepdaughter. Sofia said nothing.

When they arrived home, Maria ushered Sofia quickly to bed, Sofia turned to say something to her Father but Maria quickly spoke over her. Sofia went to bed.

The next day Sofia woke up to an empty house, she felt that she was being torn from her Father, she was correct to assume that, for Maria was trying to take over slowly. She was poisoning the mind of her husband. At dinner, Maria had an announcement for Sofia, she had planned it for the wedding. Maria was sending her to a school far away, it was a residential school, she would rarely get to see her own Father, this she knew, but when she protested to her Father, he sat quietly.

A few months passed by and it was Sofia’s fourteenth birthday. There was no elaborate party, there were only three people. As Sofia sat down for her birthday meal, Maria wanted to announce something. When she was quizzed by her husband she told him that she was about two months pregnant. The tone for the evening was all about the new baby, Sofia was distraught, it was, after all, her day.

As the baby was born things got a lot worse for Sofia. She was being shut out from her family by the devious Maria. Her Father had heard her concerns and dismissed them completely. Sofia was sent back to her school.

It was at her school that Sofia came to the only logical conclusion, she was the black sheep in the family and something had to be done. She began a plot that could have matched her evil stepmothers, she was to wait, let her stepmother think she had won, and when the time was right she would take back what was rightfully hers to inherit. It had gone well beyond family now. It was time she thought about herself.

As the years went on she saw less of her family than ever. Her brother was growing up, her father was growing old, but her stepmother was still as devious and controlling as ever. When the day came for Sofia to leave school, Maria didn’t want her in the house, she had paid someone to build little more than a shed for Sofia to live in. This time Maria had gone too far. Sofia’s father agreed with her but at that time he was too ill to do anything about it. Sofia had no other option but to stay in the shed for a while.

As Sofia’s father grew ever closer to death, Maria had plans for the business, she wanted it for her son, she wanted it to herself, she wanted to completely cut Sofia out of the Last Will and Testament of her Husband, Sofia’s Father. As she grew ever closer to achieving her goal Sofia began to put her three years-long plan into action.

Logically, as Sofia’s father grew ever iller, she could assume that his mind was deteriorating and Maria was taking full advantage of that fact. As there was an agreement before the wedding that she would take nothing, Maria could not take a penny, but their son could take everything, and in doing so, it would grant Maria the right to run the business for her Son until he came of age. This logic Sofia could assume was being used, but Sofia had her own logical outcome.

If Maria was manipulating her father for her own gain, then that would mean that whatever she did would be forfeited. She had only to wait for the resulting factor of her Fathers death.

A few weeks later, Sofia’s father had died. In the last Will and Testament, it read that everything would go to her brother. Sofia had already known that it would happen, she knew through the use of pure logic, her stepmother was evil, power-hungry, and a gold digger. She would do anything for the money, Sofia knew.

As time went on the stage was set for Sofia to take back what was rightfully hers. Her brother was too young to run a business, it was left in the hands of Maria, as Sofia’s logic had dictated. Such a thing would not last, for Maria was taking all the equity out of the business and spending the money on herself. Sofia knew that if she waited too long the business would disappear. It was a few months later when Sofia put her plan into action. She waited the logical amount of time to expose Maria for what she was, a soul-sucking thief who wanted money and power. Now and only now did she reveal to the world the evils of her stepmother.

One month later Sofia was in court fighting for her rightful place in the world her father had created. The business, the house, and all the other things that were supposed to go to her in the Will. Her argument was clear, her argument was undeniable, but Maria would fight to her last. Sofia made the argument to the Courts that when her Father was ill his Wife, Maria, took advantage of him and made him change the Will. She made the case that it was logical that her
stepmother had poisoned his mind and changed the Will completely, it was changed in a way that Maria stood the most benefit.

The Court case lasted a few months and the Judge could not deny the logic of Sofia’s claim. The Judge, in his wisdom, granted that the business and house was Sofia’s and her Brother’s, not Maria’s. It was ordered that Maria could no longer have a role in any of the family’s enterprises and that Sofia would take full control until her brother was old enough. Once her brother reached maturity they would both share responsibility.

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