The fall of Ashrah did not begin with an act of evil but it did, in fact, begin with acts of good. It was a new war between the two races of the next Realm, in which, Ashrah began to feel compassion and sorrow for the enemy. She felt the enemies’ pain, she felt their suffering, she even felt their fear. Ashrah began to doubt her role in the Solaran Army, she began to doubt her Goddess, she doubted the wisdom of the war.

After several battles in this renewed war, Ashrah had seen so much death and misery that she decided to do something about it. The years of war had lost all meaning for the Avatar of Solara. In her mind she secretly contemplated a new strategy to end the war, her strategy though, was not to destroy the Solarans age-old enemies but to bring them back into the light.

Ashrah moved around looking for answers wherever they could be found. She began to spy on her fellow Avatars, she spied on the people and creatures of the Great City, she even broke the laws against Solara. She entered the crystal temple and spied on Solara, she was hoping to get valuable intelligence that supported her theory.

After much time spying on the Solarans, Ashrah, decided to spy on the Demons. She left the Great City and found herself in the midst of the Demonic Horde. Once she was there she began to spy on them, she found them to be unlike anything described by Solara. Ashrah was there when the five Avatars betrayed Solara, however, that was at the dawn of time and much had changed in that time.

Ashrah began to sympathise, even pity the Demons. She watched them as they went about their daily business. She collected enough evidence for herself to believe that her way was the only way forward. Ashrah watched one Demon in particular, she had grown fond of him but she dared not reveal herself. She watched for a while and when the Demon returned to his dominion she did reveal to him her true identity.

The Demon was startled by what had transpired before his eyes, but Ashrah soon told him of how she felt. She had watched him more than anyone else and she felt a strange kind of affection, even love for him. They, at first, were less than willing to communicate with each other, but once the air of mistrust had dissipated they began to come together. Rapidly their affection for each other rose and the two became almost one. They were as one with each other,
it was like they had been destined to meet, destined to be joined. Ashrah returned to the Great City to speak publicly.

Ashrah found herself in the centre of the City preaching at the foot of Solara’s crystal temple. She preached how she had come to see the Demons, not as enemies, but as friends suffering in a war that needed not to have been started. She told the people of her love for a Demon and the people were disgusted.

It did not take long for the whole City to be in an uproar about one of their most favoured Avatars. They could not understand why it had happened and in their fear and uncertainty, they began to riot within the City.

Millions marched hither and yon searching for Ashrah. The mobs wanted her blood for what she had done. In the crystal temple, Solara had watched the events unfold with great pain. Her child had caused her followers great pain and for that Solara could never forgive Ashrah.

Solara, in her temple, bellowed to those below to find Ashrah and bring her before her for judgment. Solara’s fury was felt in every corner of the Realm. When Ashrah had been found, the crowd took her before Solara. It was there that Solara unleashed her wrath, but as angry as she was, she could not bring herself to destroy her Child. She was, after all, cut from the flesh of Solara’s own body.

After much thought, Solara had come to a decision, she looked at all the options at her disposal. If she banished Ashrah she would undoubtedly join her Demon lover in The Black City. If she imprisoned her, though, she didn’t want to, she could keep her close and attempt a revival of her Solaran Mind. Something very wrong had happened to Ashrah. This Solara knew this Solara wanted to change, she would not make the same mistake twice.

With no other alternative, Solara imprisoned Ashrah in the crystal temple. Solara would gradually re-indoctrinate Ashrah instead of casting her out to the Demons. The people returned to normal and rejoiced in the wisdom of Solara.

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