After a few months of living with my then-girlfriend, we decided to buy a dog. It was my girlfriend who actively searched for a dog. She found an advert in the shop window for a dog, she called the people getting rid of it, and within hours they brought it round.

At first, the dog seemed to be a bit hectic, running around, barking, and howling. He soon settled down. We kept him. I immediately renamed him, he was called Buster when we first got him, I changed it to Kaiser, it suited him. The dog was meant to be a Staffordshire Bullterrier, but I noticed he was too big to be anything other than a Pitbull. His head and jaw were enormous.

After a few weeks living with us, he became more aggressive, he became more uneasy with the kids. The kids didn’t help the matter, they used to pull his tail, jump on his back and shout at him. It was not wise. A lesson I would later learn for myself.

It was a night of foolishness, I was showing off to my girlfriend, I bet her that I could jump the entire length of the thirty-foot living room. Before that though, I had given the dog, Kaiser a bone. He was sat happily under the window eating his bone. It was at that point that I jumped, and as I hurled myself across the room the dog moved slightly and I landed on his back. With a vicious howl he turned and tried to bite my face, I lifted my arm to protect myself, and as I did, he put his enormous mouth around my arm. I turned to see that my girlfriend had already run into the kitchen, I couldn’t rely on her for help. The truth of the matter is, had he not let go of my arm when I told him, I would be writing this book very slowly indeed. “Kaiser, stop!” I shouted.

As he let go the blood poured down my right arm. I began to feel sick, the sight of my own blood disturbed my stomach. I sat down whilst my girlfriend phoned for an ambulance, they advised her to stop the bleeding, which she did. The pain was as if I had been stabbed, my face turned grey and I was about to pass out when I shouted out Solara’s name. In that moment I felt a warm hand touch my face and arm, the pain disappeared and I returned to normal. My wounds were still present, but the bleeding had ceased.

We went to the hospital, all I could think was what if it was one of the kids who had done what I did?

I was lucky that Solara watched over me, even though I didn’t pray to her for help. I only need shout out her name and she will be there for me. This gives me great reassurance. My Faith has saved me on so many occasions, it can save you too.

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