Now in the Demonic Council, a discussion was started, a discussion of war. After the truce, it gave the Demons time enough to plot for a new campaign against the Solarans. Ranook was the first to oppose another war, but Sok’Uzu was now in such a high position that what he wanted was his to take. Ranook soon found himself with a choice, join Vicean in the dungeons or wait it out. He elected to wait it out and hope for a majority vote against the war when the discussion was over.

The full Council assembled, a sight not seen for many Centuries, there were thousands of Council members present. The speaker brought the Council to order and presented Sok’Uzu as a hero and then told the Council he was Councillor for life. There were cheers from the majority but some were silent, Ranook looked around in terror, he knew what this would mean so he and a few others made a pact, a pact to stop the Council if war was their plan. He and the others firstly tried to get Vicean released from the dungeons, in the Council they spoke.

“Our first point in this session of Council we would like to put our word forward for Vicean who, as we all know, was put away during the war. And as we all know, judgements during wars are not valid after them. He must be released.” they said.

Some gave the council’s speech cheers, others did not.

Now Sok’Uzu spoke to the Council. “If this monstrosity of a Demon is released after what he tried to do to our Army and myself then I will no longer serve this Council nor rally its Army, you should choose wisely for I am the best person to lead,” he said.

Yelyah, who stood behind him looked at him with contempt, she had been the one to get the truce. “It should be me,” she whispered to herself.

“Very well, all hands up to Vicean being released.” the speaker said.

Then he looked around and saw that only the few who put their hands up were the ones who put the motion forward.

“Motion denied,” he said with a smile upon his long face.

Ranook stood up and in his anger. “But this is unfair, he is imprisoned unjustly, the war is over, release him,” he said.

The speaker then jumped out of his chair. “This is a democracy, everything we do here is fair.” the speaker bellowed. With that, they both sat down.

Another member put his motion through about erecting a statue of Sok’Uzu’s victory. “Will the Council agree that Sok’Uzu has earned his right amongst the other valiant warriors that line the streets? A statue for Sok’Uzu,” he said sure that the Council would side with him.

Sok’Uzu stood up and clapped for those words and with that most of the Council followed him. The speaker again made the Council vote and again all but a few voted it in.

Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Vicean’s state was deteriorating, he was talking to himself for hours upon hours. He thought he would never get out and so he planned to end himself. He soon came to the conclusion he would do it by hanging. As he was about to do it Ranook came to visit. Vicean stopped and spoke to his friend. “You were right Ranook, I should never have betrayed the war efforts,” admitted Vicean.

“No my friend, you were right, this Council has lost all sense of itself. We’re here to get you out just leave it with us and you’ll be out.” countered Ranook.

“When brother? How?” Vicean asked.

Ranook said nothing and walked out back to the Council which was still going on.

He walked in during a point about the war, a member from Ranook’s side spoke. “Why has this Council put all its faith into this man who leads millions out and returns with nothing but a truce between us and the Solarans. Has this Council gone mad, this man is a fraud. I put it to you Sok’Uzu, that it was not you but Yelyah who brought home a truce and she even cleaned up your mess?!” he said.

Sok’Uzu saw red, he became so angry that he threw something at the person speaking. ’’Soon you will all see, I will be here forever and I shall be the most powerful Demon to walk the Wastelands,“ he shouted.

The speaker saw this and called for the Council to have a break. The Councillors left in their groups discussing the matters as they walked. Sok’Uzu left with his party cursing those who were against him. Yalyah had to keep Sok’Uzu calm. She took him to the proposed site where his statue would be built.

He looked around and saw all the other Demons who had statues.

“This is my time, nobody will take my glory away. Yalyah you did help me during the war, let me make it up to you. I will make a motion that a statue should be made of you and placed beside my own.” he said.

Yalyah smiled, she could not believe what he had said, she was now rethinking her opinion of Sok’Uzu.

“Are you not going to say anything Yalyah?” Sok’Uzu asked.

“Oh yes my Lord, this is a great honour,” Yelyah said.

“This will be my next motion in the Council,” said Sok’Uzu.

Elsewhere, Ranook and his growing followers were talking of Vicean, Ranook said to his men that there was urgent need in Viceans release as his health was fading. They spoke of an attack on the dungeons.

“We had better make it fast then and when most of our kind are in the Council chambers.” One member said.

“I agree,” Ranook said. “We will attack the dungeons as the Council is in session.”

They would not have to wait too long.

The Council bells began to chime and Ranook and his men went directly to the dungeons. Sok’Uzu went to Council and began putting his motion forward.

“My motion here today is in light of my statue, I wish for my best commander and Avatar Slayer to have her statue next to my own, she did more to win a truce than most and I believe she is worthy of such an honour,” Sok’Uzu stated.

The crowds cheered and in the dungeon, Ranook heard it. Ranook turned to his followers. “I wonder if that cheering is another failure we will have to live with?” he said.

Then they charged into the holding cells to be confronted with a team of dungeon masters fully armed. A new fight began and Ranook was in the thick of it. He was the first to fight, pulling out his sword and charging the Masters.

The others followed him. “For Vicean!” they shouted.

The Dungeon Masters were ready to fight back and they destroyed a few members of Ranook’s party. Ranook then grabbed one Master from behind and threw him against metal spikes which protruded out of the wall, the Masters’ death was instant but there were still some left. The fight continued.

In the Council more was happening. Yalyah got her statue approved with all members agreeing to it, there were none now in Council who opposed Sok’Uzu. Sok’Uzu now saw this as an opportunity to get anything he wanted, his greed took over him and he demanded more and more.

Oblivious to this, Ranook and his team were near to getting Vicean out of the Cells he’d been imprisoned in since the war. They had killed all but one of the Masters, he stupidly stepped backwards to one of the Cells where a detainee grabbed him from behind and took his keys. Then Ranook destroyed the last Master and made a speech to all those in the Cells. “I have slain those who cage you, now, if I release you will you come out into the Wasteland and stop any Demon who passes through?” Ranook said.

The Cells came alive with cheering, and so, Ranook now had many more followers. They left the City, a full legion of Demons, to stop any Army getting to the Solaran City.

Meanwhile, in the Council, Sok’Uzu demanded a new Army fully trained and ready for an attack on the City Of Solara.

“Now we can have anything we want, this Council is in my palm. What next should we demand?” he said to Yelyah.

“I need a lot of things, maybe I’ll write a list.” Yelyah laughed.

The Council was told to disband for a while so that all Demons could think about the vote. The speaker made it clear that it must be a full house in order to proceed with the decision. With that, they all left the Council and began walking when someone started to shout.

“TRAITORS!” they barked.

A few Demons were seen running outside the gates. “Who are they?” asked Sok’Uzu.

“It’s those who are against us my Lord. It’s Ranook and Vicean!” Yelyah informed.

Then guards began to run after them, the streets were in chaos as every Demon there chased

“Don’t chase them, we will have war now that they are not around to veto everything. We will destroy them in the Wastelands before you know it.” Sok’Uzu said.

“Good plan my Lord,” Yelyah said as she bowed.

With that the Council was brought back together for its final session, Sok’Uzu now knew that he had been given a second chance to eliminate his foes.

The speaker brought the Council to silence once more, he said that it would be the last one for the times have changed, traitors were amongst them and so he called a vote, a vote for a new war.

“All those in favour, say aye,” the speaker said.

“Aye,” said all present.

Sok’Uzu’s face never changed, his stern expression lead people to believe he was a Demon so angered by traitors and Solarans that he could not lose.

Now that war was again coming the drums sounded, training began, and this training was like no other. This would be an Army of Strength and Will. Sok’Uzu had them trained by the Elites of the Army, soon all would be Elite Class.

Sok’Uzu turned to Yelyah. “I am giving you command of half the Army, you have earned it,” he said.

Yelyah was surprised by this move. “Sok’Uzu,” she said. “I’m overjoyed, I never thought you’d do something like this for me.”

“I know I have been harsh with you but the best don’t become the best until they have been the worst.” Sok’Uzu chuckled.

She looked confused for a while then she walked off and spoke to a commander. “What does that mean?” she asked.

The commander looked equally surprised. “I have no idea, it could be bad or good? Who knows with that Demon, he speaks in riddles!” he admitted.

“Yeah, you got that right,” Yelyah said.

Now, somewhere in the Wastelands, Ranook and Vicean were setting up a camp. They knew which path Sok’Uzu would take his Army so they decided to make camp near to the path. When the Army marches they would feel it coming. Vicean and Ranook were now talking, Vicean was thankful that Ranook risked his own life to save his.

“If it weren’t for you my friend I would not exist,” Vicean said softly.

“It was my duty, to help you after all your wise words about the war and Sok’Uzu.” Ranook told his friend.

Vicean then reminded Ranook that they were traitors and would never be able to return to The Black City. Ranook said that there was more to risk than their heads, he reminded Vicean that they needed to stop the destructive path their own people were bringing upon themselves.

“We will stop them, we will be known as the Exiled Legion henceforth,” Ranook added further.

With that, the Exiled Legion began training of their own. It was long and hard but the training was essential.

“Even if we do not defeat them we will at least have our vengeance upon our turned brothers and sisters, this fight, our fight is not against them but what they stand for!” Ranook commented.

The entire camp enthusiastically stood up and repeatedly shouted his name.

Back in the Black City things were going well, the last few had completed their training and the Army was about to move out into the Wastelands. Sok’Uzu wanted to make a speech to his entire Army, so he stood above the Southern Gate and addressed them.

“My Demons, I have led you before but this time I lead you to a full victory, a victory against those who hated our ways and left us abandoned in the Dark cold alone. I say that it is our time to see victory.” he began.

The crowd cheered and then Sok’Uzu put out his arm and lowered it, they then went silent. “We are on the verge of our existence, I would say we will evolve once more into the light, not a light of Truth but a light of Demon’Ocracy. This is why we fight, all people should have Council, not just us!” Sok’Uzu concluded.

Then Yelyah was allowed to speak to the Army. “Fight well, die well. That has been my motto for an age. I single-handed destroyed the Avatar Yelhsa, now we together will destroy all else. Fight well, die well.” she said in arrogance.

The Army then sounded the horn and drumming began, the Army marched out to The City Of Eternal light once more. Yelyah and Sok’Uzu rode side by side and the commanders behind them followed by the Army of Elites.

“There’s no way we can lose this time, and I really hope we find Vicean and the others out here. I would very much like to destroy them myself.” Sok’Uzu said to those at the front.

“The feeling is ours to my Lord.” the crowd cheered.

Soon the Army reached the path, the same path the Exiled Legion lay in wait.

Ranook stood up. “Take cover and wait for my signal,” he said to his men.

They each moved just behind each side of the path, they were just out of sight. The first lines came through, the drums were so loud that the Exiled legion could feel each drum beating like a heart. Ranook sent a single flame into the air and the Exiled Legion jumped out from their positions and attacked Sok’Uzu’s men.

The lines began to crumble and the Exiles were winning. Sok’Uzu turned around and began bringing his men to meet the Exiles face to face. Arrows were flying everywhere cutting Demons down. Ranook saw Sok’Uzu coming back so he sounded a retreat back into the surrounding Wastelands.

“Ha, what cowards, they see me and flee,” Sok’Uzu said.

“My Lord, they may come round for another attack.” a commander said.

“Bartaq, I am counting on it,” Sok’Uzu replied.

Soon the Demonic Army marched again but with the wise word of Sok’Uzu. “Watch all areas for movement for they shall return,” he warned.

With that, they moved on.

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