After millennia of peace and prosperity for those of Solara’s City, the war did come, it was a fast attack causing millions of people to be returned to Moiah. The attack came from the Demonic Horde and it was as vicious as it was devious. It was at that moment that Solara finally realized that peace could never reign supreme over her Realm.

Solara watched from her temple as her City burned around her. She, unlike those in the midst of battle, could do nothing. She was still trapped inside her crystal temple, but she was a brilliant tactician and her forces were valiant. Each that died, did so to protect all that is good and great, they died for truth, they died for justice, and they died knowing that they would be rewarded.

After the battle had ended and the Demonic Horde was driven into full retreat, the Solarans, beckoned to Solara’s crystal temple, were rewarded by Solara for their courageous actions under attack. She gave her Warriors new powers, she gave them powers for a reason. They were to follow the fleeing Demons and attack their City.

The Solarans took her banner and marched to war. Along the way, they were met by Demons who had been separated from the main force. They killed them without prejudice and moved on to do the same thing time and time again.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Horde had returned to their City. They knew they were being followed by an attacking force and began to erect barriers of dark power. When the Solarans had arrived the Demons felt well protected. And they were.

It took the Solarans an age of its own to break the barrier of dark power, but when they did, chaos erupted within the Demons City.

The fighting lasted for millennia with casualties on each side, the moment the Demonic Horde repelled the Solarans was the moment they returned to relative safety. But their safety was always in jeopardy for they would always be hated, yet the same could be said for the Solarans.

Once both Cities were rebuilt, the Demonic Horde as well as the Solarans, moved into the darkness of the Wastelands to once again do battle. They found each other in a dark valley, the valley was formed by those who had died there before. It was a festering sight of decay and death. There were creatures in the valley, neither good nor evil, they fed on the essence left behind by the dead.

Once the Solarans reached the top of the valley they saw their enemies reach the top of the other side. With a startling cry, the Demonic Horde moved down the valley into its centre. The Solarans unleashed their devastating power, then they moved down to fight in close quarters. Death once again filled the bellies of the little creatures, death once again spread over those lands.

When the battle came to its conclusion, neither side was victorious, billions of souls had been released into another Realm of existence. And all those left returned to their Cities. The hatred for each other would never die out and peace could never become the norm, for the evil must fight the good, and the good must always fight the evil. Both sides knew that the battle would rage on and on until there was nothing but ash and dust, only one side could reign overall,
only one side should.

They both knew that the battle never ended, for all was equal yet opposite, and death in any Realm meant to return to battle eventually. Such is the way of all the Universes in all existence. This, every one of Solara’s Realm knew, they could not conceive of anything different, so they would return to battle again and again until one side prevailed. The battle rages ever on and on until the balance can be tipped in our favour when Solara’s power is fully restored and she uses the same powers of creation, only this time it would be used to destroy all the evils of her Realm

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