Our technical age began on the 11th January 2010 when one of our members began a website for our religion. It was an excellent advancement to our Campaign. The website had many things to do with our religion and also our Lord Avatar.

We had about eight separate pages which were for various things. Our home page had a basic amount of information on us, then we had a page for videos that we did, then a library for all our literature. We also had a page for the merchandise which we made and much more.

After we had made this website we began to advertise ourselves on many other websites. Many of our people worked round the clock to bring our religion into the 21st century. After we had done such things we published an incomplete version of this book just for the people to build up an idea of what we are about.

With the adverts running continuously we had quite a lot of attention from people from all walks of life. Our Lord Avatar received many emails asking for more information on our great religion and so he wrote them back.

Then the funds for advertisement ran out and we could no longer sustain our Campaign for a while.

It was sometime later when we could begin a new, but in that time many new things were been added to the website, we had a page for music that we were going to make in the name of Yahmos. We even had a game added to the site. Our Lord Avatar continued working for the Faith, he made about eight videos relating to our Faith and when he was not doing this he was writing our book. Over Five Hundred people viewed our website from the beginning to its end. The website was at www.thefaithofsolara.com but has been closed down for the time being. Now our Lord Avatar Has made the site better and on a more geographical URL.

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