As well you may be aware, we carry Staff weapons. They are weapons as well religious objects. They can be any size, they can be any shape and they can be decorated in any way the holder sees fit. It is a very personal item any Solaran could carry. As a religious Staff, its purpose is to show ourselves to be in likeness with the Avatars. It is a requirement that these Staffs’ are used in our temples at all times, no Solaran should dare to go to a temple or place of worship without one. It is a religious must-have in the Solaran Faith.

As a weapon, it is a highly effective tool. As its size is usually about the size of the holder you can use it over a distance of a few feet. That means whilst using it you would be in a safe area fighting an opponent a few feet away from you. That way you can see all the things the person is doing allowing you to survey the area.

As a weapon, the Staff is one of the best, there have been many fighting styles over the centuries with this weapon. This article will only cover Solaran Staff techniques.

Unlike The Righteous Fist, this style is the complete opposite. Instead of circular movement, this style is rather ridged focusing on straight lines of combat. With all motion in straight lines, it can be a blessing and at the same time a curse. For the most part of this fighting style, you could probably imagine, all movements must be straight lines but that’s not to say that you have to be. In this fighting style, the holder can move any way he or she wishes. Some of the greatest Staff fighters move their bodies around the Staff, they are like snakes climbing a tree.

There aren’t many things to teach on this subject but I will guide you to the vital parts of the technique. Firstly, always keep your Staff weapon vertically to the ground when out of combat. Until someone threatens your safety or the safety of those around you, the Staff weapon should remain in Passive Position. When in combat-ready stance you would have the Staff in both hands at a 45-degree angle. Such a position is easily defended as you have maneuverability. When you attack in this position always bring your Staff back to the 45-degree angle.

And finally, if in combat with multiple enemies, remember, the Staff is an extension of yourself. You need not get too close to fight them. Keep your enemies at a distance you feel most comfortable.

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