The Faith Of Solara

The Faith Of Solara is a new religious movement that started after a visit from other beings from a different universe. We call them the Avatars. They gave us the knowledge of this faith. In Solaranism we believe that the goddess Solara inhabits a different universe, and in worshipping her, we will one day ascend to her realm and gain powers for our efforts in this realm.

Lord Avatar I

John Edwards founded the faith shortly after a visit from Ashrah & Ellrah on 5th January 2000 in Macclesfield forest. He wrote The Jardacia and publicised the Faith. He managed to convert 50 members to our faith before his resignation in 2009.

Early Years

In the early years, our religious organisation was named The Cult Of Solara, however, this was changed once Ashley Ellison took control. He felt that the word Cult had negative connotations.

The Righteous Jardacia was also only known as the books of Solara until 2013 when Lord Avatar II published it on the first time.

The Righteous Jardacia

Much of The Righteous Jardacia is still missing and has been since the resignation of John Edwards. Parts of the book were rewritten by Ashley Ellison after he received a vision telling him to do so. The Righteous Jardacia is available to buy on most websites, but you can download it from the FAQ page.


Solara is the Goddess. We believe she inhabits another Universe or Realm. We believe that the power of worship makes her stronger and that only by worshipping her can we ascend to her Universe and be rewarded with powers ourselves.

Registered Charity

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