Sometime into the year 2008, I had a problem with some of the neighbors. There would be something new to deal with every day, and I became angrier and angrier at the situation.

One neighbor threatened my guest, another shouted at her. This day I would take it no longer. I rushed out of my flat with a baseball bat in hand and ran towards the young man who shouted at my guest. The man fled in a car as soon as he could. I ran towards another neighbor who had also threatened me and my guest and grabbed him. Another neighbor came out with a baseball bat. “Mine is bigger than yours,” he said with a cocky look on his face.

At that point, there were more and more people filling the street. “The Police are on their way.” I was told. “Get into your flat and put that bat away.”

On this occasion, I obliged the woman’s advice and went into my flat. Within moments the Police were outside my door, I allowed them to come in. “We had reports of something to do with bats and threatening violence?” the Officer said. “Both parties have bats, so if you both press charges you’ll both be in a cell today, and we don’t want that.”

“Oh no, I don’t want to get you involved,” I told them. “It’s just tit for tat, nothing serious really.”

The Officers left and said the same thing to the other parties involved. There were no arrests, luckily.

The fact the Police did not get involved was great, but the Housing was a different case altogether. In that same week, I had a visit from the Housing, they were trying to get me out of their flat and into the homeless.

One day after the Housing came to see me, I was in the Post Office, when out of the blue I saw an old friend I had not seen for a few years. We were chatting and he asked me for my phone number, the only phone number I could remember was one on a phone that was faulty. I gave him the number and went home, I switched the faulty phone on and left it on charge.

It was a few hours later when my phone rang. I was expecting it to be my friend, but instead, it was another housing association separate from my current one. They rang to offer me a flat. I could hardly believe it, I was almost certain I would be evicted if I didn’t take the new flat, so I accepted it after a quick viewing.

This series of events made me believe more strongly in the power of my Goddess. She had led me down that path, the path that was so perfectly designed it could not have been anything other than a small miracle. If I hadn’t met my old friend in that Post Office, if I had remembered a different phone number, I would not have switched that particular phone on and I would not have got the phone call that saved me from being homeless.

My old friend never did call. I can’t imagine why…

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