Shadow was a part of our Religion almost as soon as it had begun, he was a close friend of our Lord Avatar and a loyal member of our Religion. John, our leader, once said that he could not imagine this Religion without the aid of Shadow.

Shadow had very strong feelings towards those who commit a crime, he, as we all do, despised such people who add to the problems of an already decaying society. He always said that there are not enough people doing what must be done and many are scared to confront the people who terrorize their neighborhood.

He was quoted saying, “These people who supply drugs to people contribute more to the deterioration of mental and physical health than anything on this Earth, and yet they do not get a harsh enough punishment.”

He was directly referring to somebody he knew who had become very ill through drugs a man supplied to her. However, this was not the only thing that haunted him. He lived in an area that had become overrun by this gang culture, his home was broken into and many things were taken. By now, his hatred became an uncontrollable rage, one he could barely contain. If it were not for the council of members of our Religion it would have been too late and Shadow would have acted out of his rage.

Shadow soon realised that you couldn’t rely on the authorities for this type of thing as they always seem to tell you that there is insufficient evidence or they don’t even give a reason. Shadow began to think that there was something going on.

He said, “It is as if they don’t care about what happens to the people, so long as they get that cheque everyone else can do their own thing. Well, I shall do something for the greater good of the people!”

He went away for a while to plan for the coming battles he would fight.

Shadow began with recruiting like-minded people. Those who were not scared of what had to be done joined Shadow in his quest for justice, though they did not directly help him they instead relayed information to him. The more information Shadow gained the more he realised he couldn’t bring justice to all the criminals in his vicinity.

Later on, when Shadow had enough information on where these degenerates were coming from he acted. At first, he would just take back what was stolen, but this was not enough for him, he wanted blood for what had happened to his friend. However, he did not have an exact location to the whereabouts of those who had done so much damage to his friend.

Shadow waited for weeks before his people had a location but when he did he was overjoyed. He had a friend make him some clothes for this covert operation, he also got a few household items to use as his weaponry, he even bought a crossbow in Solaran colours. He would show these people the pain that he had endured because of their greedy actions.

Shadow traveled to within a mile of where they were staying and waited until nightfall. The time for his attack grew closer, he was remembering all the terrible things he had put up with over the years, all the abuse had come down to this moment and he was never going to let this moment go. He moved into the area of the house and climbed the back wall. There was a dog but it was too weak from hunger to do anything. He opened the door and immediately smelt drugs, he knew he was at the right house. He cut the power and waited at the box, a man came towards it and Shadow struck him from behind, the man shouted for help as he was struggling with Shadow. Two men rushed down the stairs to aid the man so Shadow pulled out his crossbow and shot one in the stomach, though he did not wish for the shot to be fatal. He blinded the other two with deodorant but by this time he heard sirens and left the building with haste leaving only a note saying, “For my friend.”

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