It was a time of great stress for me. A time when I could turn to nobody for help. I was living and had been living, in my second flat for about four years. In the fourth year, things became heated between me and my neighbors. I would have parties at the weekend, which my neighbors hated, but I would continue regardless.

The more parties I had at my flat, the more anger I created in my neighbors, who rapidly became my enemies. I was not concerned with their attitude towards me. They could not attack me directly, so they played psychological games. They banged on the walls whenever I was in bed. “You’re getting kicked out,” they whispered.

After some time, other people began to join in. I was alone fighting a group that outnumbered me ten to one. Nobody helped me, in truth, I never needed any help, all I required was that people believed me. They did not, they all thought I had gone mad.

A few weeks later, things were the same, only this time they threatened me indirectly. They were too cowardly to confront me directly, I could not retaliate until they did, I was stuck in a predicament that was not easily solved.

These enemies began to stalk my Twitter account. I would hear them talking about me. “He’s so thick, he doesn’t know how to spell. ‘Certain’ is spelled with an ‘S’.” they said.

Do you see the irony?

They also followed me at a distance when I went out for a walk. They bad-mouthed my writing and my Faith. When they got bored, they commented on how I dressed, how I looked and acted. I then began to drift into my own ideas and thoughts, trying to block these new enemies out, I could do no more without them making the first move. I hated the situation, I hated them. I wanted them to do something that I could fully retaliate to. In retrospect, I should have destroyed them there and then. I would have enjoyed it. But I did not.

I started making plans to move. It was nearly the new year of 2012 when, out of nowhere, I received a phone call from an ex-girlfriend. We talked for hours, I had not spoken to her in a few years. We made plans to meet up and I went to Worcester to visit her. I was there over the new year, but the stress of what was happening in Wythenshawe still loomed overhead, it was like a dark cloud that followed me, taunting me, insulting me, mocking me. Enough, I thought.

As I was on the train back to Manchester I was contemplating asking to move in with my ex-girlfriend. It was a hard decision, but what was happening at that time made everything seem so much easier. When I got home I rang her and steered the conversation towards the goal I had set my mind on. Within a day or two, I was getting ready to move.

I sold a lot of my furniture and kept the stuff I liked. There was a long, drawn-out goodbye, but I knew I was doing the right thing.

It was an odd situation on the face of it. There I had enemies growing on a daily basis, then my ex-girlfriend rings, who I had not spoken to in years, who had just split up with her husband. It was as if it was all meant to happen, that there was some driving force that pushed me into that direction. Without this leap of faith into the unknown, this Faith would be years behind.

If I had stayed in Wythenshawe, I almost certainly would have gotten into trouble with the law. I would have eventually got so angry that I would have no other option, but to end my enemies for good. I regret not taking action in a way, it would have been so satisfying, but my path is to aid my Faith to global heights. That is and always has been my primary function.

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