After the Demonic Horde entered the City of Light they moved through it with virtually no resistance, the Army of Solara moved along the Eastern road towards the Temple of Light breaking sections of the Army off at every junction along the way. The Avatars would stay with each group that broke off to ensure orders would be easily relayed to the line which now cut halfway through the City.

Ashrah and Ellrah, being the most powerful, stood directly outside Solara’s Temple. On the opposite side of the road the Demonic Horde approached, they saw that the line of the Solaran Army was weakest around the temple. They saw the opportunity, to get through and reach the prize they had coveted for millennia, they attacked with hatred.

They attacked but did not expect to be defeated by only two warriors, even if they were halfGods. They tried time and time again but each time they were repelled. The two half Gods were more knowledgeable in the art of war than anyone but the Goddess herself

This problem forced the Demons to change their tactics. They moved a scout up and down the wall of Righteous Warriors to assess any points of weakness. They found that all points seemed as protected as the others, the Demon who had recently taken command of the Army remembered the words of his Masters. He attacked every point with the hope that he would find a weakness.

He was asked by his second in command why he was throwing away the lives of his people, he replied, “I would rather them die on a chance to find a weakness than to return to the Council a failure and be tortured for an eternity.”

Then the news that a breach was imminent reached their commanders’ ears and without a moment to think he threw all of his armies into that point.

The Solaran line was about to be broken so Ashrah and Ellrah moved half of the Army into the breach, and the other half to the side, hoping to trap the Demons and force them out of the Eastern Gate. The battle raged and nobody was aware of anything but the battle.

The Fallen Tribe had watched the battle from afar, they were meant to have been rewarded with powers from the Council, however, all they received for helping the Demons was a promise of torture, which would have happened immediately but for their unique ability to evade capture.

They watched as two-thirds of a gigantic City was destroyed. The Tribe felt guilt like never before and it was guilt that brought them to salvation, they knew that it was their end as either Solara or the Demons would destroy them.

The Solaran Army was slowly being pushed back, the City around them lay in ruins, a few Demons pushed through and escaped through the gate of Rebirth. The Avatars were powerless to stop them but then out of nowhere, the Tribe appeared. The Tribe previously met the leader of the Demonic Army as well as the entire chain of command.

The Tribe quickly located the leader of the Demonic Army and assassinated him, they were quick and efficient. With the leader destroyed the Avatars quickly regained control of the situation, they opened the gate and surrounded the Demons. the Tribe continued their assassinations. Each Demon that gained control was quickly subdued by them.

The final push came and all the Demons were defeated and returned to their Masters, shamed and humiliated. The City had almost been lost, it was almost nothing but rubble, the rebuilding was down to those who fought in the battle and many things were put in place to stop anymore returning to Moiah through the Gate of Rebirth.

Soon the trial would begin, those of the Fallen Tribe would answer to the Jardacia for their betrayal. The preparations began, as this was a betrayal of all the inhabitants, it would be held in the Temple for all to see.

The trial began and they each spoke to the Jardacia, it was unanimous, the Tribe each confirmed their guilt but also reminded the Jardacia of the way they acted after they saw the chaos that ensued shortly after they opened the gates.

Solara was on the side of the Tribe but she knew that ultimately the decision rested solely with the Jardacia. She created worlds of order, she could not go against her own will or she would be no better than a demon herself. What Solara did instead was allow the Avatars to speak for her in defense of the Tribe.

The leaders of the Avatars spoke together, they told the Jardacia and all present, that the battle may have been started because of the Tribe, however, the battle could not have been won without their knowledge of the hierarchy of the opposition.

The leaders of the Avatars continued, “Not only did they know all the leaders, they physically went into battle to finish them. And they might have even set the Demonic Horde back by millennia in the knowledge of war.”

With the statement from both Ashrah and Ellrah, the Jardacia had drawn his conclusion. The actions of saving the City had redeemed themselves. No more shall they be known as the Fallen Tribe but instead they shall be known as the tribe of Redemption and they were exonerated from their previous acts.

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