After the Age Of Independence in Moiah there were none left to worship Solara and her power, being directly linked with the power of worship, was now in decline.  As time went forward all she could do was erect a barrier around her Temple to sustain her essence until a time came when she could be freed by the actions of those in Moiah.

After many years had passed there were many attacks on the White City, all were unsuccessful, however, Solara began to regret the decision not to destroy the Treacherous Five who were now organized into a group known as the Demonic Horde. This group was a council and thankfully as every major decision was voted on, the Demonic Horde could not agree so they could not advance.

In Solara’s City, there were billions who had gained entry for their devout Solaran life, though Solara was entertained by them for a while, she became bored and wanted something new. Solara spoke to the Avatars and asked them to use her knowledge to create a musical life form. They went away to an uninhabited part of the City and created a tree that could perform many things, this tree was white and orange and its roots went deep. Solara listened as it sang its first song, she loved it so much she instantly named him Yahmos.

Soon there were none being judged by the Jardacia and so it became irrelevant to have them waiting for new arrivals from Moiah. It had become apparent to all that the Solaran Empire of Moiah had been buried under the avalanche of deceit created by the Demons’ influence. Many times Solara thought about the decisions she made and the power she once had and lost. The more she thought about it, the more she regretted it, especially as the threat from the Demonic Horde grew, it would not be long until they finally agreed on the best possible way to achieve their goal, The Gate Of Rebirth. If they should enter, they, like all things, will be reborn into the realm of Moiah, and it would be that much harder to revive The Solaran Empire.

After much time the attacks of the Demonic Horde grew more ambitious. Many of the Avatars investigated the wastelands to see what was happening, they saw much that suggested even greater attacks were to come. The Avatars reported this to Solara immediately and they prepared all warriors of the White City for an attack. Soon a vast army of the Treacherous Five approached, it was an army of a size nobody had ever seen before.

A being from Moiah asked a question never before asked, “What happens if I die here?”

Most knew the answer but it was Ellrah who replied, “You simply return to Moiah with none of the abilities you were given when you were judged by the Jardacia.”

When the Demonic Horde entered into the light of Solara’s City they were at a disadvantage as they had evolved as creatures of the darkness. Their approach was focused on the furthest point from the Gate Of Rebirth as that was made the weakest by Solara for exactly that reason.

Soon the largest battle of the White City commenced and Solara observed from her Temple at its highest point. The battle raged for millennia with neither side gaining an advantage over the other until the wall and the gate was breached, however, the Avatars are half Gods cut from the flesh of Solara, and they have much of Solara’s knowledge and power. The three-hundred and thirty-three Avatars, with all their power, annihilated half of the Demonic Horde’s army.

After this great loss, the Demons were in retreat and only a few were returned to Moiah but many were injured. Solara called all inhabitants to her Temple, where she spoke to all about the battle she had witnessed and she told them to move into the wastelands and destroy as many creatures that dwell in the shadows as they can. Solara said this with such anger it shook the very ground.

Moments later Solara’s army left the City of Light for the first City of the Demonic Horde known as Yarthank, it was the largest of the Cities the Demons had built, and it was the birthplace of the Demonic Council. The buildings of the Demons were black with luminous green tribal symbols.

Soon Solara’s armies arrived at their destination and battle commenced, the target was the council house as the Demons who ran the Council would inevitably be in the building discussing war, but never actually enter it for the use lies and deceit was enough to win victory.

The Avatars were given instructions from Solara to capture the Treacherous Five and bring them to her in the Temple, the only place she still had absolute power, so she could finally bring them to an end. After much time the Avatars reached the council house and they met stiff resistance, whilst the Avatars were occupied with fighting their way to the council house the Demonic Council fled deep into the uncharted part of the wastelands.

When the Avatars learnt of this they ripped Yarthank apart in their anger and returned to Solara. The Avatars wanted to attack the Demons other City, Cru’Shan, but Solara said no. The Avatars questioned this decision and Solara was outraged at them for questioning her strategy. She said to them, “It is more logical to let the Council think we no longer pursue them so they return to their City than to search for an eternity.”

The Avatars saw her wisdom and were apologetic, they never dared question her again afterward which was what Solara had in mind all along, a test of loyalty to the cause. Much time passed and there was no activity in the vicinity of Solara’s City, it was an age of suspicion, in the entire realm, things had never been so quiet. All things were soon back to the state in which they once were, but all the time the Demonic Horde were moving deeper into the wastelands. What they were doing soon became apparent when an Avatar was sent to scout them out.

The Demonic Horde had settled in a new area of the wastelands long before the Avatar had discovered them. They had built a duplicate City that was almost identical to Solara’s. But for a few details. What their intention was, to be an exact match of opposition to Solara. The Avatar reported this to Solara, she now knew it would be impossible to get to the Demonic Council the way she had previously planned and she could not believe that she hadn’t foreseen such a thing, she then concluded that this was the Demonic Horde’s reasoning for going so far into the wastelands. Though this was the case, Solara felt it was a necessary loss, for the testing of the Avatars loyalty was a greater victory.

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