Phoenix joined our Faith in the year 2009 and was very close with the High Priest who later became our Lord Avatar. Phoenix shared the same beliefs as the High Priest, they despised those who sinned against the 4th Law. Those who lie are hated by the Faith but even more so by Phoenix.

Phoenix had suffered because of liars who have deceived many against him. Even the Law of the land believed he was involved in criminal activities because of a few people trying to damage his reputation. He was so disgusted by it that he was very ill and had to go to see a doctor. Things soon turned worse as his depression turned to paranoia. He could not leave his house for many weeks. Phoenix turned to the Faith and spoke with those at the top of the Hierarchy, they guided him through his difficult moment. Then after many more weeks, he finally went outside and found that all was not bad.

After he was getting out more often he began to ask himself why he was so worried in the first place. He soon realised that it was the doing of his manipulative enemies who corrupt all others with their lies against an honest person.

At that moment he swore he would get his revenge, however, he would not do this with violence but with a peaceful method. Phoenix wanted them to confess their sins and clear his name, he knew they would not do this if he just asked them so he devised a cunning plan.

Sometime later when all was peaceful it began again and Phoenix was attacked for a lie that his most devious enemy had told. He was sure if it carried on any further it would claim his life before he could expose these Demons Of Lies. He told the New Lord Avatar of what had happened, our new Lord Avatar offered his assistance because he had been through something similar, Phoenix declined this offer because it was his problem and he didn’t wish for anyone to come to harm because of him.

Phoenix, now so paranoid, had cameras installed in every room of his five-bedroom house so he had evidence of where he was at all times as well as significantly reducing the risk of anyone breaking in.

Much time had passed and he put his plans into action, all he had to do was sit back and wait for his spies to report all their activities, and with that information, he would use it against them. However, this was not the only trick up his sleeve.

Phoenix eventually got what he needed, it wasn’t much but it was a start. He now had in his possession, pictures of them doing many immoral and illegal things and was about to confront them with these images, as he only wanted to be exonerated in what he had been accused of for all those years.

He went directly to the source of his problems if he succeeded here the rest would follow like the sheep they were. It did not go as planned, his enemy threatening even more violence to come. Phoenix was no fool and took with him a secret microphone that recorded the entire outburst his enemy had. Phoenix turned with a grin on his face and walked away.

He went home and played the recording over and over, he made many copies of the tape but still felt he should try once more before he went to the authorities.

Sometime later he went back to the man’s house, he knocked on the door and when it was answered he received abuse until he produced the tape. The man took the tape and broke it. Phoenix said, “Do you really think that was the only tape?”

The man said, “Ok, what is it you want?”

Phoenix wanted his honour restored and for all people to stay away from him. The man agreed and word spread fast, Phoenix cleared his name, had his revenge and proved his worthiness of the honour of being written into The Book Of War, all without the use of violence.

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