My second major vision came in a series of dreams. I was still living in Wythenshawe, but by this time I had my own flat. The first dream I had wasn’t much to go on, I saw someone’s shoes running by the Church next door. I told my neighbor what I had dreamt because I naturally assumed it had something to do with me.

As the days passed, I grew ever more anxious about what my dreams were telling me, I had seen violence, towards who I was not sure. When I told my neighbor she didn’t think much of it. It was several days later when the final dream occurred, it was a picture of what appeared to be a child’s drawing of a plan that included everything I had foreseen.

It was later the same day when my neighbors all gathered at another flat. My immediate neighbor was amongst them, she was the person I told earlier. After about half an hour, whatever was being said or done in that flat, my neighbor came over to my flat. She sat on my stairs as I was stood at the door, I observed that someone I knew was wearing the same style of shoes I had a vision of. Suddenly the truth of everything came into my mind at once. I was ecstatic that I could now prove my power to at least one other person.

I turned to the woman on my stairs. “I have seen it, the plan. The plan at the Church.” I said. “It’s to do with him, isn’t it?”

All color drained from the woman’s face as she listened to me. It was quite obvious to her that I could not have known what I knew without having some sort of psychic ability. And as I had mentioned my dreams to her before anything took place, how could I not have some sort of power.

“How could you know this?” she asked. “We’ve only just planned it.”

Then the person who was their target came and sat down on my stairs. I was unsure how to deal with the situation. “You must call whatever you have planned off,” I said to her. “I know what will happen if you don’t. I will not have blood on my hands.”

The woman, still shocked, looked at me with wide eyes, her face devoid of any color or expression, nodded to me then looked at their target. The woman left in a hurry, she went to the flat where the plot was put together. What the woman said in there is a mystery even to someone of my talents.

Later, though, unbeknown to me or anyone else, the target of this conspiracy had heard everything said, and he was aware of the things I had said to a certain degree. He called the Police and I was called to the house across from me. Once I entered, the Police ushered me into the living room for an unofficial interrogation. “We’ve been called out because of some things you have said,” they told me. “There was something about getting your hands bloody.”

I was surprised by what was said. I looked at the man who was their target and I wished I hadn’t said anything. At that point, I myself wanted to beat the life out of him. “I said no such thing,” I assured them. “He must have misunderstood what I had said.”

“Okay,” they said. “are you sure there isn’t anything we need to worry about?”

“Not anymore,” I said. “it was nothing, just a vision. Check my file, this stuff happens to me all the time.”

“If we have to come out again tonight,” they warned. “you’re going in the back of our van.”

When I was allowed to leave I returned to my flat. As I was walking in, my neighbor came across to me. “It’s sorted now,” she said, a little bit of life returning to her tone. “I told them not to do anything.”

I looked at her and I thought back to my very first vision. Though this time was different, I couldn’t help but feel like the power I had was more a curse than a blessing. I had possibly saved a person’s life, but in doing so, I made myself look like a fool, I felt like one too. I am safe in the knowledge though, that my power, given by Solara, has protected not just me, but others too.

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