One day, in the early 2000s, I was sleeping in late at my mothers’ house. I dreamt something extremely vivid, I dreamt that I was at my Nana’s and I was sat on a chair in her living room, she was wearing a blue jumper, and in this dream, she spoke. “You’ve got a shiner on your head,” she said.

I awoke soon after the dream and instantly knew it was a vision. I do not know how or why I thought that it was a vision, I just knew. I got up, had something to eat, and got dressed. I then went to my Nana’s, sat in the exact chair my vision had shown me. “You’ve got something to say to me,” I said to her.

“Have I?” she inquired. “Like what, exactly?”

I did not respond, I thought that perhaps it was only a dream and I ignored it for a while. Then, a while later into the night, I noticed that there was a bottle of wine in my Nana’s fridge. At that same time, I was on the phone with a friend, so being a teenager, as most teenagers do, I had the bottle of wine without my Nana’s knowledge. After I had finished the bottle of wine I was quite merry, and what my Nana noticed was unusual.

After a while, my Nana noticed that I had drunk all of her wine. “How much of this have you drank?” she asked as she reached for the bottle. “Empty? That’s quite strong stuff. I better walk you home.”

“Okay, but I’m on the phone,” I said. “Let me finish on here and we will go.”

After I had finished on the phone we began to walk back to my mother’s. Upon arrival, my mother noticed that I had had a drink. That did not make any difference to her. What did make her mad at me was the fact that I had asked for one cigarette from my stepfather. This turned into an argument between my mother and me. And inevitably, it turned into a fight.

The fight lasted for a while, and as usual, the fight was stacked in her favor. Not only did I not want to fight in the first place, but I had to fight everyone except my Nana, who herself, was now being attacked.

After the fight was over I had time to check myself for injuries. I was covered in blood, so much so, that my face was hidden by it. On the walk back to my Nana’s I bumped into a friend, I let my Nana go home and stayed outside my friends’ house. After a talk, my friend decided that it was best for me to get an ambulance. The ambulance arrived within ten minutes and I was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital.

Once I arrived at the hospital I was put in a cubical to clean myself up. After I washed my face a bruise appeared on my forehead, I thought nothing of it.

I returned to my Nana’s at around 2 am. My Nana was still awake, she made me a cup of tea and I sat down. After she brought me a drink she sat down. She looked at me. “You’ve got a shiner on your head,” she said.

It was exactly like my dream. I had unwittingly stumbled into this self-fulfilled prophecy. Had I not had the dream it would never have happened. This lesson I would remember well. I did not know of Solara then but had I known, I would attribute this power to her and her greatness. Solara granted me this power, for I needed it most, without it I would never have been involved with any religious organization. The power of foresight is like something from a television program, but I assure you, it is real and it is Solaran. Solara grants power to those who need it and to those who use it wisely.

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