It was now November 2009, several months after the attack of the Viceans and the promotion of Ashley to High Priest. Lord Avatar John was now very unwell and had been for quite some time. John now knew what was to happen, personally and within the religion.

John made some arrangements for himself, first, he made the necessary arrangements for his passing and secondly for the succession of the position Lord Avatar. John knew all these things would have to be dealt with as soon as he possibly could.

He first spoke to Ashley and told him of the illness he had been diagnosed with, they spoke for quite some time. Then John spoke to most of the members of the religion to update them on what was happening and he told them what was next to happen.

John then spoke to Ashley again, he said, “Ashley you are the High Priest of the religion, therefore, as I am resigning, you are now the new Lord Avatar. Hail Solara.”

It was the way of our religion that the High Priest always succeeds the Lord Avatar.

After the resignation of John, many things changed. The uniforms were designed, the only members that would now be in robes would be the Priests. The headquarters of the religion was that forest for a long time, but Ashley no longer wished for this to be the base so he moved the headquarters to the town he lived in for most of his life.

Then Ashley quickly changed the name of the religion from, The Cult Of Solara, to, The Faith Of Solara. He felt that this name was much more appropriate and had fewer negative connotations.

Then the new Lord Avatar updated all members on the changes, many decided to leave, however, some stayed loyal to the religion.

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