John arrived home from the forest at 4 am on Saturday morning. He soon started the writing of the books, but was not sure of how to word the things he was told, he spent many months writing and rewriting whilst all the time holding down his job.

After the visit John was like a new person, he had such enthusiasm for life and this new religion to which he was now the leader.

Now John thought what he could call this religion, he thought of many names but decided that “The Cult Of Solara” was best.

Many months had passed and John had completed The Book Of Truth and The Book Of War so he decided to start telling people of what he had seen in that forest, many people did not believe him, however, some did. He kept telling people of the books and a few decided to become members of the religion.

He met with many of his new followers to teach them about the religion, he also told them the exact location of the forest. One member suggested that they have annual visits at that location and John decided this was a great idea.

Exactly one year after the visit, the ten members that John had converted, met in that forest to discuss new ideas and talk about spreading the word of the religion. They decided on bringing new members into the religion. The next day they all went home and put their plans into action, John mailed them the design for the fliers he had created, these fliers were to be posted in everybody’s local areas.

A few weeks later the fliers had created a lot of interest in the new religion. John had many messages in his e-mail account and so he responded to the people’s questions. John increased, “The Cult Of Solara” by another ten members.

It was now the second year since the visit and John was feeling strange, he was having strange dreams, dreams that somehow became reality a few days later. These dreams were conversations he would later have. It was at the annual meeting in the forest and John started the meeting as usual. The older members would speak first but John knew what they were going to say so he would finish their sentences.

People that were at this meeting were amazed at this and asked John to explain what was going on.

John said, “I have no idea, I dreamt about this meeting a while ago now.”

One member suggested to John that it could just be a coincidence and another said it could be a gift from Solara.

It was sometime later and John was still having dreams that became reality, he took it as a great gift for all his services to Solara and her ways.

It was now the beginning of the year 2008, John had managed to convert one hundred people into, “The Cult Of Solara” although many had left the religion.

Many people were now aware of our annual meeting and people that were not in our religion would see us gather in the forest. John would usually welcome all members and he always had a short speech to start the meeting. He would then introduce the people within the hierarchy starting with his High Priest and then moving down the ranks.

The year prior to this meeting his High Priest stepped down and no longer attended meetings, so this year he was going to promote a new High Priest from the ranks of the Priests.

John did not know who to choose so he decided that he would wait until the next meeting to decide. He also said that the Priests would have to prove themselves worthy of such a position. The meeting ended the next day and all the members departed. We had much attention from the locals, as by this time many of us were in robes of some sort.

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