Lilith was a member from 2008, she was one fortunate enough to be close friends with both of our Lord Avatar’s. Lilith was a Lady that had great power over men around her, many women of the Faith hated her and they said she was a Lady Of Lust.

Our Lord Avatar would use this to both the Faith’s and Lilith’s advantage. Lilith was always looking to gain power in the Faith and she would stop at nothing to get it.

In our Faith, we have always said hereditary titles are an evil way to keep power, and so, in our Faith there are none. Our Lord Avatar would state this fact many times to all people, including Lilith, even though she had inherited a title. After a while she made a gesture to the Faith, she gave up her title.

Sometime later Lord Avatar II messaged her about a mission he wanted her to take, it was not a very important mission just something to evaluate her effectiveness in certain situations. She was more than willing to serve the Leader of the Faith as she saw this as an opportunity to advance in Hierarchical terms.

One week later she went on her way to the location where she would wait for her target to appear. She did all that she needed to get information the Leadership required, and later gave it to our Lord Avatar at his residence at the Heart Of The Solaran Empire which we have claimed in the Righteous Name Of The Goddess Solara.

Lilith was not rewarded in away she desired, instead she was given a new and even greater task. Lilith was secretly outraged but continued to serve, her mission was not too soon so she went away for a while to rest, she knew that this mission would take most of her energy.

It fast approached the time of her mission which our Lord Avatar had named, “Project Blue Swan.” he always named his missions like that, it was one of his things. Lilith arrived at her destination which to her surprise was an English Manor House and the Man she was sent to was a Lord. Lilith was told to destroy this Man’s reputation and allow those around to see the hidden Truth this man had locked away.

Lilith being Lilith found manipulating him was as easy as the rest, but she could not get everyone else to see how corrupt and sinful he was. She stayed at his house as a guest for many weeks, he never knew what she was doing, he didn’t give it a second thought whilst he was getting what he wanted.

Lilith decided to call it quits and rang a member of the Hierarchy, this soon came back to our Lord Avatar and was disappointed but allowed her to leave the mission for rest. Lilith relayed the information she had, however, none of it was useful to the Faith. The Hierarchy convened for a meeting on this subject and decided the best way forward would be to send her in with spyware which could easily be purchased online. The Hierarchy waited for the equipment and asked Lilith to go in one last time. This time with the equipment to be able to destroy him. She reluctantly obliged to the demands of the Leadership at the promise of a great reward, the highest of the Faith no-less. She went back with the equipment and set it up, she just needed enough to expose his secrets, firstly to his Family and later to all else.

The first thing she did was place a microphone in his office which was where he took all his calls. Then she placed one in his bedroom with a camera, and she sat back in wait, ready for either his lusts to destroy him or his evil tongue to incriminate his fraudulent lifestyle. Lilith would not have to wait long for both, he firstly had a prostitute in the bedroom and then the very same day made a phone call about money Laundering. She was now thrilled to send this information out, the Lord was destroyed and a message was sent to all others, Justice will always prevail.

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