Soon after the end and beginning of Yelyah, a new discussion was had by all of the Solaran people gathered in the Temple. It was a discussion on the war. The Solarans would bring the whole Demonic Council to its knees or do nothing and have the possibility of further attacks. This discussion involved a whole variety of people but all were certain war was the only option. The Solaran Empire began the machine of war, this time it would be a war of conquest rather than self-defence.

Solara issued a statement to all her followers. “With greatness and sage, I send you, my people, into the darkness so it can once again be free from evil. Do not fear them for they are cowards, cowards who attack us in secret. Deceit is their way and truth is ours. Show no mercy to our enemies.” she announced.

After that speech, the gathered people stood up and held their right fist in the air. “Hail Solara!” they shouted.

Soon the war was coming and every creature of the City wore once again the golden armour of the Empire. Drums sounded in every section of the City and Yahmos, the singing tree, sang a battle song for every brave warrior. Solara stood in a room of war, this time she would keep in communication with her army and instruct them where necessary.

Whilst the army was being mobilised the Demons were in Council. Ranook explained the loss to the Council, blaming Sok’Uzu and Yelyah for the defeat. Now the Council demanded Ranook take control of the situation, he accepted full control of the army and prepared a defence. Vicean, who was now subservient to Ranook, was to take command of the aerial defence. Soon, under Ranook’s command, The Black City was turned into a fortress. The Council could only hope for a truce but in their hearts, however little they were, they knew they could not sustain a full-scale attack from the Solaran Empire.

Soon, back in The City Of Eternal Light, Solara watched as the last of her army crossed through the southern gate. “Your end has come Demon, now you will suffer for all the deeds you have spread,” Solara said.

As the armies of the Demonic Horde prepared the Solaran army was just passing through the valley they had once done battle in. The Solarans stopped in that valley to pray for the loss. Ellrah stood on the peak of the valley and spoke to his people. “This valley, this land, our people and theirs. All lived differently but all died the same. As we stand here again, we must respect the nature of our realm and see destiny in death. Hail.” he said.

The Solaran Army then quietly moved onwards.

In the Black City, however, there was a speech of a different nature. Ranook stood above all his people. “This battle is our last if we don’t win we will fall. A millennium of growth will become a millennium of subjugation. You brought this fate upon yourselves and I am here to clean other Demons’ messes.” admitted Ranook.

Vicean then stood up, he turned to Ranook with a stern expression upon his face. “You cannot say that, Sir. We need motivation, not condemnation. Our army is fearful enough of what is to come.” Vicean countered.

“And they should be.” Ranook croaked.

Meanwhile, out in the darkness, the Solarans could see the Black City glowing in the distance. They moved into formation. Like Romans, they stood, side by side, box by box, each division would attack separate sections of the wall and it would begin after a three-day rest. They made camp and many discussions were had about the battle. Gonarr, a senior officer in the Army, was giving speeches to all his men and women.

“You will take the wall and show the Demons what they should fear. Those who fly on the wings of those creatures must fall, make them your priority. Now, where’s the beer?” Gonarr said. To that, the crowd cheered and laughed.

Ashrah had noticed this. “They seem to be having fun, let us join them,” she said. “Yes, I see, shall we?” Ellrah replied.

Then the pair went to join the others in celebration.

A few days later, Solara, who was watching from her map room, told her army to begin with the assault. Ashrah and Ellrah gave the orders and soon a siege began. The first legion went first and tried to climb the walls, they were beaten back for a while until one Solaran female breached the walls, she destroyed several Demons and went to open the gate lock.

Upon reaching the gate she was met by the queen of all the winged beasts. “I’m going to need help with this one,” she remarked.

The female stepped back and waited, more winged beasts came down from the sky. ’’I’m definitely going to need help for this!“ she exclaimed.

She turned and ran back to the wall, more of the legion had made it over the wall. She grabbed one of them and told him to get as many people as he could and follow her to the gate. The man did as she told him and when the team reached the gate lock there were three winged beasts and the queen.

“Wow, that’s a whole lot of wing to have for so few of us.” one of them said softly.

“We’ve got one chance at this, follow me.” the female said as she jumped on the gate and then jumped onto the back of the queen.

The others followed and soon they were fighting the Demons upon its back, suddenly the queen flew upwards to try to get the Solarans off its back.

“We need to kill this thing now.” someone said.

“To its head, we must move.” the female said.

They all moved forward and climbed its neck, the creature’s head was gigantic it would take some hacking to take its head. They began with their plan and soon the great beast fell, Ranook saw his creature falling and he was in shock at the site of it.

“That’s it, move our army into the breach and destroy those Solarans who control that section of our wall,” he said in his rage.

Soon the Demonic Horde surrounded the little breach but the female who had first climbed the wall was almost near to opening the gate lock.

Vicean was told by Ranook to find out what had happened to his prized queen. Vicean rushed to the gate where the queen fell and he was greeted by the female and the squad she commanded. Vicean snarled and ran in to attack, he was backed up by the other winged beasts and the Demons who rode them. The female Solaran said to her squad to keep them busy whilst she busts the lock.

Heavy fighting was going on all around but the female kept to her plan and broke the lock, soon all the Solarans rushed in, and in that moment the winged creatures took off from the ground leaving only Vicean standing there, one Demon in the way of millions of Solarans. He was instantly destroyed by a bolt of light which came from an Avatars’ staff.

“Breach, we’ve been breached. To the gates, everyone to the gates.” Ranook shouted from a great distance.

With that, the Demonic army no longer cared for the walls but the gates were a priority. Thousands came rushing and thousands were defeated, Ranook rushed into the Council chambers and told the Council the bad news.

“What?! This cannot be true! You were supposed to help save this City not hand it to the Solarans!” one Councillor said.

Ranook looked around and said that there was no victory here.

“Then what would you have us do?” another Council member said.

“I still have many winged creatures, we can escape and build a new city somewhere in the darkness,” informed Ranook.

The Council members agreed and with one word Ranook called his beasts, few escaped and many were slowly being defeated by the Solarans. The Demons were leaderless and fighting a battle they could not win. Ellrah saw the beasts leaving the battle.

“They leave the battle before it is lost! What cowards to leave their people.” he bellowed.

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