The future of our Faith and Empire depends largely on my ability as a leader. I have denied myself many things in the pursuit of Solaran power. I will continue to deny myself things in order to push the Faith forward, Solaran power is more important than love, family, friends, parties, and other things some consider to be necessary to life.

I see the greatness in Solara’s wisdom, I see the greatness in all the people who have accepted this truth. As a group, we must band together, help each other, and not focus on those who are outsiders until we are strong enough to change their viewpoint. Whether we change people’s perceptions of us by force or by our cunning use of logic, we can still change this world for the better.

People ask me all the time about this Faith. “What’s it all about?” they ask. I cannot give an answer. Not because I can’t, but because they expect a brief explanation that covers the entire doctrine of fifteen years. It is impossible to convert someone in two minutes of examination of our Faith.

I have, however, converted more people now than anyone has previously. I use my own money, the money from selling music and books, to advertise the Faith to millions of people worldwide. At one point we had over two thousand people on our Facebook page alone. That is an accomplishment in itself.

When I took over this Faith all those years ago, there was nothing, no art, literature or music. As soon as I took over I made it my duty to make this Faith not just a faith, but an international enterprise. If somebody doesn’t know of the Faith, they will have heard of the work we have done whether it’s the music or writing or even the art, they will have, at some point, seen or heard of our creativity.

I do what I do for the continuation and preservation of our Faith and Empire. It is not just my duty, but it is the duty of everyone who calls themselves Solaran.

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