Before the end of the first Solaran Empire of Moiah, many were judged by the Jardacia and awarded with power upon entry. It was for a time, a great triumph to Solara’s genius that there were so many of her children with power in her City. Solara was proud of her accomplishments and she basked in her glory.

Though the level of power given to an individual is permanent, some thought this was unfair, especially after bringing so many victories to Solara. They also thought about the risk of being returned to Moiah if they failed to survive an attack, and returning without power and knowledge was unacceptable to them.

The group began to plot against Solara, they wanted more power and would do anything to get it. They kept this secret for a long time and they were aided by what they believed to be a Demon of great power.

Soon they were ready to put their schemes into motion and once it had begun it was far too late for them to back out. If they did, it would have been the end of them and they truly believed in themselves.

This group was not the wisest, most logical or even the most powerful, this they knew, but they thought, as there were many it would make up for their shortcomings. They would wait for an Avatar to walk by on one of their patrols and take the Avatar by surprise, the ambush was a success and in this act, they grew with confidence, some would call it arrogance. They then planned to get the leaders of the Avatars.

The leader of the organization said, “If we take the leaders then we could even take Solara herself, we could soon be Gods, my brothers.”

With that they went in search of Ashrah and Ellrah, the two had become inseparable since they became the leaders of the Avatars.

They were easily found, the group attacked ferociously and after a while, Ashrah and Ellrah were defeated and their bodies disappeared like all others who return to Moiah. The group now thought they were the most powerful in all of existence but left Solara in her Temple.

The group spoke to all that were in the City proclaiming they were now Gods and that all should kneel before them.

It was not long before they turned on each other and began a physical dispute, they fought for a long time, none of them strong enough to defeat the others. One of the group stated, “We are all too powerful to be defeated, let us go to the Temple and finish what was started.”

And so they did, all with delusions of themselves.

Walking the great distance, to the Temple Of Light in the centre of the City, they noticed that there was no activity of any kind on the once busy streets of Solara’s City. A few were asking what was happening.

Their leader replied, “We have destroyed the Avatar leaders, the rest are probably frightened we will do the same to them in this switch of power, and with good reason too.”

They eventually arrived at the Temple and they entered unprepared for what was about to happen to them. The Temple doors, which stood eighty feet high, slammed behind them and locked. By now though, the group feared nothing and venture blindly towards Solara’s wrath.

They wandered around, room to room, heading towards the central throne room, as they approach they could hear Solara talking to someone. They rushed into the room without a second thought shouting and using their powers to subdue those she was speaking with. Solara began laughing uncontrollably, the group stopped and looked at one another, bewildered by her attitude.

After the pause they asked why she laughed at the face of death, then all who were present began to laugh.

Once that was over Solara spoke, she said, ’“You fools, you cannot kill a Goddess.”

To which they replied, “We killed the two most powerful Avatars and we will kill you, we have grown powerful, and once you are gone, we shall replace you.”

Soon after this comment Ashrah and Ellrah emerged from behind Solara’s throne as if nothing had happened to them. The leader said to his group that it was a trick, they did not know what to believe.

The leader whispered as if Solara did not see or hear everything in her city, “Let’s just attack and be done with this.”

They then attacked and witnessed first hand what Ashrah and Ellrah were capable of. All exits were blocked so there was no chance to escape, all they could do was try to talk their way out of the situation they had created, but by now it was too late. Solara then spoke, she asked them if they thought it seemed a bit too easy, and if they thought she didn’t know all along.

They replied, “If you knew then why did you leave it for so long?”

Solara did not answer, instead, it was Ellrah who replied: “We needed to know that no others would join your idiotic crusade!”

The group leader screamed, “But there was dark power protecting our thoughts and our building!”

The room then boomed with more laughter once again, but Solara was silent, staring into them. She shouted for the room to silence, and the Jardacia walked into the room. Solara stated, “I would judge you myself but unfortunately for me, it is not my place.”

The Jardacia judged them to be unworthy of the City, stripped them of their power, and sent them powerless to the Wastelands.

Ashrah said, “The dark power was a test of loyalty towards your Goddess, as we too have been tested. If you were wise you would have known this truth.”

Then they were thrown through the gate.

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