Now reports swept the streets of The Black City, Sok’Uzu’s failure inevitable they said. The Demonic Horde in an uproar, sent scouts to the camp of Sok’Uzu’s Army to find an answer. The scouts arrived and Sok’Uzu told them it was part of his new strategy, the scouts looked confused.

“Is defeat your strategy?” the scout asked.

“No. My strategy is simple, we cannot fight them in the light so we are drawing them out into the darkness!” he replied.

The scouts thought this new strategy could work and reported back to the Demonic Council. All was well as long as it worked they said. Soon the theory would become practice as the Solaran Army marched into the Darkness to defeat their foes.

It took a great deal of time to reach the point where the Demons lay in wait but as the Solarans arrived the demons simply moved on again, trekking further and further into the Wastelands.

“Why do these Demons go further, what are they doing?” a Solaran said.

“I don’t know but it seems to be getting close to their own City if you ask me.” another commented.

A member of The Avatars took a group of one hundred as a scouting party, ahead of all others they found themselves confronted with strange creatures. The creatures were the same as those seen by the Demonic Army but this was something new to those Solarans. It took a while to destroy these vile creatures then they all moved on. They saw the Demons preparing a defence in a valley, going around the Demonic Army at speeds unbeknown to any other in that realm. The Avatar overseeing this sent one scout to warn the others of this.

Soon, when word arrived to Ashrah and Ellrah, they saw this was Sok’Uzu’s plan, a trap to win the war, Ellrah was uncertain of how this could be a victory for the Solaran Empire but Ashrah was sure they had to go through with it or they would never see the end of this war. Soon other Avatars joined the discussion. The result was they would wait it out and see what happens. Ashrah told the others who had left as a scouting party to stay put in the shadows and wait for the order to attack.

A scout was sent to update those in Solara’s City, Solara was the first to hear of the Demons’ plans.

“Why hold off the attack, go back to Ashrah and give her the order to move in,” she said.

With that Yahmos began to sing, a song not heard for millennia, a song of battle. Soon Ashrah would receive word and when she did she moved the Army into position. A great wave of fire swept into the valley, the death toll was immense but not great enough to destroy the Demonic Army. Soon Ashrah gave an order for the Scouting Party to attack the rear of the Demons and move in to meet her in the middle.

Meanwhile, Yelyah was in the thick of the fight trying desperately to hold the line against Ashrah’s wave. Sok’Uzu offered no help, he was sat on top of the Valley watching the whole thing, simply shouting his orders, he cared not for Yelyah.

“It benefits me more if she falls now rather than me doing it later myself, I will not share credit with this vile beast,” he said to himself.

And so he left Yalyah to fight and hold the line. He offered no support even after his commanders said to reinforce the line. Eventually, he had to or his Army would return to The Black City, not as heroes, but as failures. The line was reinforced and they pushed forward, Ashrah was on the front line fighting like it was her last, she sent many Demons to their fate and then called for the Avatar known as Yelhsa to bring his one hundred out of the shadows to fight at the rear. They fought valiantly destroying many Demons and they eventually became stuck. Many Demons surrounded them but they continued to fight.

On the other side, however, things were looking good for the Solarans. Each time one Solaran fell ten Demons fell as well. Ellrah was about to take a small party to the top of one side of the valley. This was essential as the rain of arrows were cutting through the Solaran first line. He, along with ten thousand, stood at the bottom of the heavily defended valley and worked his way up. Cutting Demons like grass he turned to his men.

“This is going to be a day well remembered by all those who reside in our City. I will make each of you here a legend today!” he said.

Sok’Uzu, who saw the Solarans coming quickly decided to move from his perch and help his men.

“Oh look, he’s finally decided to join the battle.” a commander said. To which the crowd of Demons laughed.

Sok’Uzu rushed his men down to the middle of the valley, now deep in Demon flesh, to meet the Solarans head on.

In Yelhsa’s area, it was almost over, he was the only one left out of a party of one hundred, Yelyah saw this and knew he was an Avatar, so she moved to destroy him. Yalyah left the front line to fight Yelhsa, she knew it would not be easy to destroy him but she had much in the way of practice in that sort of situation. As she moved towards him she threw all others aside easily, Yelhsa was still fighting the Demons and didn’t notice her approach, but when she got to him she gave him a hiss he had never heard before. The other Demons moved aside and the two began to speak, she wanted him to be fully recovered to make his defeat more of an achievement.

“You are the vilest creature I have ever met, Yelyah!” Yelhsa said.

Yelyah laughed. “I care not for your Judgement nor anyone else’s, you are an Avatar, I am Demon kind. My victory here today will be talked about by my brethren for millennia to come,” she said.

They both struck at each other a few times, the power between the blows knocked others down, but not themselves. So frustrated by each other’s presence they spoke as they battled.

“I would sacrifice anyone here today just to see you die,” Yelyah said.

Then the Avatar Yelhsa said something no Demon had heard. “And I would sacrifice myself for
all the lives here today,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the valley Ellrah and his men had just made contact with Sok’Uzu and his men. They began to fight, it was at that moment that Ellrah saw in the corner of his eye the Avatar Yelhsa fighting alone, he fought that much harder to finish Sok’Uzu and rescue his fellow Avatar. Sok’Uzu also saw this but he was too concerned with failure to take much notice. Sok’Uzu soon met Ellrah face to face.

“You’re going to lose this battle very shortly you ugly creature,” Ellrah said.

“You’re going to lose an Avatar very shortly,” Sok’Uzu replied.

Ellrah called for more men to take the valley side so he could help Yelhsa, he shouted to Ashrah, who was still fighting in the middle of the valley.

“I need more men, Ashrah! Help take this side, help.” Ellrah shouted.

She looked up at Ellrah and saluted him. Ellrah knew this was a yes so he quickly went to help
Yelhsa who was still in battle with Yelyah.

The Avatar Yelhsa thrashed at his enemy Yelyah and the two were still evenly matched. Yelhsa saw his fellow Avatar coming closer but he didn’t see the Demon come behind him and strike him with a poisoned blade. Soon Yelyah stuck her knife in his back as he turned, Ellrah yelled in horror as Yelhsa fell to Yelyah. He ran to this brave hero but the Demons surrounded the body and Ellrah was unable to get to his friend.

“Soon it will be your turn and then the entire Empire, even Solara.” Yelyah hissed.

Ellrah said to her to come from behind her men and fight but she declined and went beyond the Valley to rest.

Soon Ashrah and Ellrah were reunited, and the battle was going in the Solarans’ favour. Soon the entire valley would be free of Demons. Sok’Uzu was in retreat blaming the failure on his commanders and their sub-commanders. Yelyah was already making her way back to The Black City to tell them of her victory. All that was left for the Solarans was to take the rest of the Demons who lingered, they would all be returned to the next Realm, whichever one it was.

Ashrah and Ellrah were left at the side of the fallen ones. They mourned the loss of an Avatar. “Let us finish this and destroy the Black City, this is a loss too far,” they said to each other.

There were still some small pockets of resistance, some even burrowed into the valley side. Little did the Solarans know that cleaning the burrowed out tunnels of the Valley would take just as long as the fight on top itself.

Most Demons returned to the Black City but Sok’Uzu wasn’t brave enough to return. He instead returned to the Valley to find Demons in the burrows, he thought this may be a way to turn the war around. He sent a scout to the Black City, of course, he took all credit and asked for reinforcements. Soon the Solarans would be attacking again only this time the Demons were more determined to win.

Sok’Uzu called for Yelyah to return to battle and he stated that if she didn’t return she would be hung for her cowardice. Soon Sok’Uzu had most of his men back at the Valley, and he received word, along with men, to stand and fight to terms. A message well read amongst the Demon Army. The Solaran Army, on the other hand, were made to wait for orders by Solara, destroy them where they were and then return home. It was a move to let the Demons know never to attack again.

The first burrow was found and the entire Solaran Army was made into teams of one hundred each. The first one hundred went in and confronted the Demons within, blasts of lightning were shot around and the Demons stood firm with their commander firmly behind them. “Keep fast, do not let them take an inch, fight, fight them.” the commander yelled.

With that the Demons piled on top of the first Solaran team, it was not what anyone of the Solarans could have foreseen, a retreat was sounded but nobody was able to move, and the first Solaran team was destroyed.

Sok’Uzu heard the news and reported to them. “Good work my minions, good work,” he said. “That female is driving me…” Before he could finish his sentence she walked into his command post.

“Talking about me?” asked Yelyah.

“It’s about time you showed up, where have you been? Telling the City of your one victory huh?!” Sok’Uzu sneered.

“Yes, it’s a bigger victory than yours, the Council are convening to discuss your leadership as we speak, your failure at the head of this Army has made you a laughing stock!” Yelyah snarled.

With that sentence Sok’Uzu went into a rage at Yelyah, he went to attack her. ’’I will destroy you!“ he shouted through gritted teeth.

Yelyah stepped back. “Destroying me will make your fate inevitable, you will be flogged and sent through the gate powerless.” she reminded him.

Sok’Uzu’s face dropped and he backed away telling his men to get her out of his sight. “Send her to the fight,” he said.

With that, she went through the maze of the tunnel to the front. She arrived just in time as the second team of Solaran soldiers entered, led by an Avatar, she saw this as her fate, the Demons called her The Anti-Avatar, a title she was most proud of.

Ellrah heard this news, but he was besieging another point of entry.

“Yelyah is here, she’s in the first entrance, get to her and show her no mercy,” Ellrah shouted to Ashrah.

Ashrah thought this was a time to avenge Yelhsa’s death so she rushed into the first entrance hoping to find her but she had moved back down the tunnel. The fight in these tunnels was difficult for even the best of the Solaran Army. The fight lasted weeks at just one point, eventually, the Solarans knew they would have to try something new.

A plot was devised, throw more men into the tunnels and then at the same time dig down from the top of the Valley.

“An excellent plan,” Ashrah said to one of her men.

Soon the Solarans would be fighting from above.

Meanwhile, Yelyah had retreated into a new position, with just a handful of men she waited for the Solaran teams to meet her. Eventually, they did and she hit the wall with her sword and that entire section started to fall, lava flowed through the whole, consuming Demon and Solaran alike. She then moved back to the third entrance which was being bombarded by fire and rocks to help her fellow Demons.

“Soon this bombardment is going to stop and then the Solarans will rush through. We must stand firm and let nothing come past.” Yelyah said.

Soon the bombardment stopped and as predicted the Solarans came in, many were cut down instantly, but a few made it past making a beachhead for others to gain ground. Yelyah sent one of her men to Sok’Uzu, who was sitting watching and hoping for a breakthrough, to tell him to send more Demons to her side. Sok’Uzu sent as many men as he could and Yelyah was thankful as the battle would have been lost without the extra Demons.

Suddenly Solarans dropped through just behind the Demon lines, they sneaked about and then attacked from the rear. The Demons were taken by surprise but as usual, Yelyah had slipped away unseen by The Avatars.

“How could we let her escape again?” Ashrah asked inquisitively.

“She is a most devious enemy, my Lady.” one of her men said.

Now there was only one place to gain control, the command post of Sok’Uzu, but this was even more guarded than all other areas.

“With the remainder of his Army at that point and in close quarters it will be a hard target for us, Ashrah,” said one of the Avatars.

“I care not brother, I will not come to terms with these Demons, we must put all our efforts into the destruction of that post,” Ashrah said.

Soon Sok’Uzu would see that the Solarans would not give up, so he made a greater defence to give them a greater chance.

“Maybe they will be so arrogant and try to take this place and lose all their men?” Sok’Uzu said in his arrogance.

The defences were made and inspected by Sok’Uzu, Yelyah and all commanders. They deemed them impenetrable.

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