With the Demonic Army marching through the treacherous Wastelands it was only a matter of time before the first battles began. What the Demons didn’t realise was just how treacherous the Wastelands could be. It would not take long before they realised.

Back in The City Of Eternal Light things were heating up, The Solaran Army was mobilizing for the war, and many Solarans were brought into the training Temples. Under the supervision of The Avatars, their training was fast and effective. They had daily tasks to combat The Demonic Army, Ashrah and Ellrah would send Shadow Legions into the Darkness to pick Demons off one by one.

Now the Demonic Army were halfway to Solara’s City they began to see things in the darkness, strange creatures with wings. These winged creatures were neither friendly to them nor the Solarans, they had evolved to seek out any straggler in those lands They began with the Demons first, those at the back were taken by the creatures then the Demons at the front were taken by the Shadow Legion. Sok’Uzu and Yelyah were afraid that they would never get to the City so they doubled the march.

“Give me a part of this Army and I shall destroy those creatures, you take the rest and annihilate the Shadow Legion!” Yelyah said.

“It is just too risky to separate my Army,” Sok’Uzu replied.

“If we don’t separate we will never reach our destination and we will never be able to return home!” Yelyah shouted.

Sok’Uzu knew she was right so he reluctantly agreed to split the Army to destroy the Creatures and the Shadow Legion.

Yelyah waddled to the back of the Army and told them to stand and fight the beasts. Sok’Uzu went forward and hit the Shadow Legion head-on.

Yelyah was the first to confront those who had taken numbers off the Army, she saw one beast and turned to her commander.

“We’re going to need bigger swords,” she said.

Then out of nowhere, two beasts came in and took eight Demons as food, a further two swooped down right in front of Yelyah, she lifted her sword and chopped one of its wings off, it fell to the ground yelping then Yelyah ran to it and took its head off. The Army cheered in admiration but it was not finished yet she told the Demons to wait for the rest.

“I’ve counted six of these beasts,” a commander said.

Meanwhile, on the front line, Sok’Uzu and his Demons were fighting The Shadow Legion, ten thousand Solaran Warriors. It was not going as well as it was with Yelyah. The Shadow Legion were well trained and ready to die for Solara, each strike resulted in heavy losses for the Demons. Sok’Uzu had to find a way to kill what he could not see so he devised a plan that would either win the day or he would become the greatest failure in history. His plan was simple, separate the Army into divisions of five hundred Demons each, he knew it was a risk and he also knew the Shadow Legion would come out of the darkness to take them out individually. They did and the shadow Legion took out five hundred thousand of Sok’Uzu’s Army before they were eventually stopped.

“It is a heavy loss but a necessary loss, we will get to the City and we will destroy them,” Sok’Uzu said to one of his commanders.

Now Sok’Uzu’s attentions turned to Yelyah who was still fighting the winged beasts, he marched his army back to help her, he allowed but a few of the Shadow Legion to return back to the City of Solara to show that his Army is greater than them, his intention was to bring fear upon the Solaran Army. His efforts were naive as the Shadow Army lay in wait elsewhere in the Wastelands. When Sok’Uzu and his Army reached Yelyah, all but one of the beasts were defeated, Yelyah had made a trophy out of the claws of the beast, she made it into a necklace for all to see that she defeated a beast single-handed.

Now with Sok’Uzu’s arrival, the last beast fell with ease, no match for an entire Army, its fall meant they could once again move through the Wastelands unhindered by anything.

Now with Sok’Uzu and Yelyah reunited they both marched towards the City Of Eternal Light they went forth with glory in their eyes, they thought they’d be unstoppable now that they had defeated both enemies on two different fronts. What they didn’t realise was that all along the way were traps set by the Shadow Legion. They marched forward and it soon became apparent, that a trap engulfed a large portion of the Army and Sok’Uzu was one of them.

They could not advance without him, much to Yelyah’s disappointment, a rescue mission was made. But this was no easy effort, the trap was made of pure energy and each Demon who touched it disintegrated. The rescue was turning into another disaster.

As this was taking place the Shadow Legion reported back to the Avatars.

“I have lost over half of my men but they have lost so much more, by the time they arrive they will have barely enough men to fight and I doubt they will have the strength even to reach the walls,” The Shadow Leader said.

The Avatars were impressed by these words but an Avatar was sent with the Shadow Legion to inflict even more damage on the Demons. The Men of the Shadow Legion were elated that an Avatar was with them.

By the time the Shadow Legion reached the first trap they laid they found that the Demons had escaped and were still advancing on the City, all they could do was watch them and hope something would stop them.

Again, the Demons fell into the traps but each time they got out of them quicker and with less damage than before. The Avatar watched as each time they made it out of the traps and decided to quickly rally his men back to the City and warn Solara and the other Avatars.

“They have made it through our last defences,” The Avatar said.

Ashrah and Ellrah spoke with the other Avatars, war was coming and it was coming soon. The entire City was warned and every creature living within made the defences ready. On top of the wall above the main gate, Ashrah and Ellrah stood.

“Prepare yourselves, for today we fight Demons, let it be their last fight, destroy them!” They shouted in unison to the people.

Soon Solara was told the Demonic Horde was in sight, she told her people to meet them head-on and ten thousand brave warriors went out against an Army of Darkness. These Warriors would never return.

“Sacrifices are to be made in times of war,” Solara said.

Eventually, word of The Demonic Army reaching the City rang out in the Black City and all cheered, all except Ranook and Vicean who were still in the dungeon. They both had to get out and tell the Horde of the lies Sok’Uzu and Yelyah had told.

In that dungeon Ranook and Vicean spoke of deep dark things no other Demon knew, they spoke
for the first time with Truth about the exile and the Age Of Independence, but they were too far
into the darkness to turn back.

Vicean heard the cheers in the Black City.

“Can you hear that? Cheering for their dead! A pointless war leaving many of our brethren dead!
This is no victory,” Vicean said.

“Indeed, this is a disgrace to our principles, we have a democracy for the benefit of the whole, not just one person who can abuse it at any given time,” Ranook said to Vicean through the cell bars.

“Oh well, I’ve had enough of this view, let’s get out of these shackles and stop that idiot!” Continued Ranook.

Vicean agreed and both called for the guard, the guard approached his cell and at that moment Vicean grabbed the guard and knocked him unconscious taking his keys. Soon the two escaped running up through the building and into the City.

Ranook and Vicean separated so as to avoid capture a second time, they spoke to members of the Council in secret but the Council seemed happy of the war.

“But the war is a lie, a way to make one person stand above the rest, how can this be what we are?” Ranook said to a Council Member.

The Council member agreed and said the other Council members will not agree until failure is in sight, however, the Council Member was able to help them with exonerating both Vicean and his own name, even get them back on the Council.

Back in the Wastelands, the first major battle was in motion, the ten thousand Solaran Warriors were in the thick of it, totally surrounded by an enormous dark Army they fought valiantly against all those they so much despised. The White City could only watch as their people were being cut down.

“This has bought us some time but I feel that even this loss is too great, our people are noble and courageous to die so that others may live,” Ashrah said.

“The Demons will fall when they arrive here,” Ellrah said.

Sok’Uzu addressed his Army. “We are in sight of The City now and there’s nothing to stand in our way, send a scout to our City and let it be known that soon I shall bring our people the victory they have long awaited.” he arrogantly stated.

Yelyah couldn’t believe what she heard, Sok’Uzu taking all credit, she felt even more dissatisfied with his lead but for now, there was nothing she could do.

The entire Demonic Army rested just outside The City Of Eternal Light and waited eagerly for the word to attack.

The scout arrived at The Black City and ran straight to the Council chambers, he told everyone that the Army was just outside the Solaran City awaiting word to attack. The scout soon noticed that Vicean and Ranook were in the Council once again but for now, they kept their mouths firmly closed. The great length Council sent word to attack and the scout went back to the Army.

“My Lord, my Lord, the council say attack.” the scout said to Sok’Uzu.

“Great news, we shall attack immediately,” Sok’Uzu said.

“My Lord, Ranook and Vicean are back on the Council.” the scout reported.

Sok’Uzu was not impressed with the second bit of news, he was so filled with anger he took it out on the scout, he destroyed his own scout in his rage, the Demons around him all stepped back so they were not in his way if he should choose to attack them. The Demons morale for war was low, the sight of failure scared them, this scout only reported a slight problem and for that, he was destroyed. The Army soon thought, that could be them.

Sok’Uzu, in his blood lust, shouted his men into battle, they rushed to obey him and began attacking the walls. Each Demon to reach the walls was destroyed by those on top of it. Balls of fire flew here and there. The Avatars were great commanders and all listened to their wise words.

Each Demon climbed the wall and each Demon fell, Ashrah was the first of many to jump over the wall and fight the Demons on the ground, the Demons had never seen such courage and their morale was lessened even further.

Ellrah soon joined them on the ground.

“This is too easy, the Demons have many but do not help each other,” he said to one of the Avatars.

“Then this will be easy,” the Avatar replied.

As he said that a huge wave of Demons came at them, the Solarans were pushed back right up against the gate of the City. Sok’Uzu and Yelyah were laughing.

“This is our day Solarans, your end is upon you, all your efforts are in vain for we shall breach your gates today,” they chuckled.

Solara saw it all from on top of her Temple, she called for all people of the City to advance on the position they had been breached. All the people looked at her and then ran to the gate. Her paradise under assault.

The Demons became more and more arrogant the further they entered the City, The Avatars held much of the Demons at bay but Sok’Uzu placed more Demons into the City. Soon the entire Demon Army was inside the Solaran City and the fight was from street to street building to building but the Solaran morale never withered.

Soon the Solaran Army beat the Demons back with Light and love, they fled the battle ground, and once more they left, lead into the darkness by Yelyah and Sok’Uzu who were now desperately trying to win.

“Withdraw our Men. Retreat, retreat!” Sounded Sok’Uzu.

In that, the Demonic Army moved back towards the darkness.

Yelyah was outraged by this move, her fate would be the same as Sok’Uzu’s if they returned in failure. Yelyah devised a plan with Sok’Uzu to make it look like a retreat but stand firm in the darkness and hope the Solaran Army takes the bait.

Sok’Uzu reluctantly agreed to this move.

“If we fail I will destroy you before we go back to the Council,” he said to Yelyah.

“My Lord there is no chance of failure if we fight them in the darkness,” she replied.

Sok’Uzu looked at her in delight as he knew it was a great idea but only if the Solarans followed. The retreat was fast and some Solarans followed but they were recalled to rebuild the gate. It would be sometime later that The Solarans would follow. For now, at least, every Solaran would be rewarded by Solara for their valiance in battle.

“In times like this, there are only a few who benefit from war, in times like this only a few deserve more power. Come forth the names on this list.” Solara said as she called forth the Great Warriors who made a victory possible.

The day was theirs but it would be short-lived as the Demonic Army were still in the area, plotting and planning a final attempt at conquering the Light.

Ashrah was the first to say it but all thought the same, ride out and fight them to terms or their plight shall return.

Soon most of the Solaran Army went out looking for the Demons, they soon found them hiding in the Wastelands and battle was just around the corner for both sides.

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