Feeloi The Great came from a family whose roots were deeply entwined within the Pagan Practices of the 17th century. He had a knowledge that very few possessed and he understood the world very differently from those around him. Feeloi always carried with him a book that contained many of the powerful secrets of his Great Power. In the year 2002, Feeloi decided to teach his knowledge to people outside of his coven, and for this, he was exiled. The people of his coven tried to take his book and his staff so he would not be able to teach or practice his magic but Feeloi resisted. He barely made it away with all his possessions intact.

Those of his coven pursued him for a while but could not find any trace of him anywhere, they eventually gave up the hopeless search and presumed he had left the country or was dead. Either way, they did not care. Feeloi was quickly forgotten by those people and indeed the world. Feeloi did not reappear until the year 2004 and by this time he was only just surviving. He was moving from country to country, town to town, he was still very concerned with the former
associates of his coven finding him and stripping him of his power.

Feeloi was always looking for a new spiritual path in which to follow. Though he was very precise in what he sought after, it had to be something with quite a lot of members and have a resemblance to the religion he was exiled from. He searched relentlessly for many months, however, his search was in vain so he gave up. Then one month later he got in contact with a Leader of a relatively new religion in the North of England. He traveled to meet this leader who called himself Lord Avatar of The Cult Of Solara.

They discussed for hours what the religion was about. John soon found out about Feeloi’s past and was most intrigued by what Feeloi had to say. John really wanted to complete the conversion of Feeloi, however, Feeloi stipulated a few things in order to be converted by John.

Feeloi wanted the freedom to practice and teach his ways, John declined but soon reconsidered the implications it could have on our Religion, John and Feeloi made terms.

Feeloi would change his books name to The Book Of Prayer and he would use his power in the name of Solara. He accepted as this religion was almost identical to his prior one.

Now a full-time member he set out to make a name for himself, he learned of our greatest enemy whilst listening to our Lord’s speeches. He then set off to one of those Christians places of worship, he would either convert or destroy them and he was resolute in this decision, nothing could change his mind.

He looked for a Church where it would have the greatest impact and he went there when it was most in use. He walked through the main entrance uttering words from his book of Prayer until he reached the Priest of The Church.

He turned to the congregation and said, “A new age is upon this world, you will all bow before me and worship the Goddess Solara.”

There were gasps and yelling so Feeloi closed his eyes and raised his Staff, the sky went black and thunder began.

Feeloi then addressed the congregation for a second time, “Do you now believe in the power one can have if you simply followed Solara?”

They still remained as arrogant and narrow-minded as they have always been. Feeloi became angry and spoke words from his book, lightning began to strike the building, and something broke all the windows, lightning was then able to strike the Idol of their worship. All of them fled from the greatness of Feeloi, however, three people of the congregation were impressed enough to convert to our great Religion

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