I have spoken of these demons before. They are the false justice of all the lands. They are as a plague, a numerous outbreak of deceit and treachery. They hold nothing dear, to them everybody is a villain. To them every one is worthy of a cold cell, they treat people no better than animals. Locking people up does not solve the growing problem.

For centuries these demons have done what they please. They listen, not to truth, but to accusations. They are friends to none and enemy to all. Their treacherous ways need to be eradicated from the land.

Their blame can also, ultimately, be placed at the feet of those who give them power. How can we allow such people to give power to those who care nothing for others? It is injustice in its highest form.

Some may say that having these demons around keeps them safe from the harm of others. I say, if you need these demons protecting you, then you are too weak to survive on your own, and life is a battle of survival.

Instead of these demons, we would place our own people in their position. The Magnaminiam Guards are warriors of truth, they hold the banner of true justice. I would place them instead of demons, not as protectors, but as seekers of truth and, where appropriate, dealers of justice. In older days gone by, people would deal with things for themselves. They would take charge of their own affairs and deal with it internally instead of publicizing every detail of whatever had befallen them.

It is time to make a change, stop relying on others to do the work you should do. It is in the Book Of War where you will find that even in our religion there is vigilantism. It’s a result that has served members of this Faith well for many years.

Choose a different path, think Shadow The Vigilante, not The Demons Of Law, until a day arrives when there are no more demons on the streets. A day when justice will be carried out by those who are themselves true and pious.

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