Sometime after the Demonic Council lost their Cities in the Wastelands and built a duplicate City, they began again with their Evil Demonic ways. They sought to destroy the light and truth of the more civilized Solaran Empire. They even sought to destroy their own people for power and riches. In the newly built council chambers they fought each other bitterly, their tongues as sharp as glass would cut each other deeply but the arguments would continue for hours, days and even weeks.

They could not agree on anything. When one had a great idea the others would be envious they had not thought of it and veto it without a second thought. They neither moved forward nor back, they just existed as they had always, bitter, twisted and evil.

In the end, it would always come down to who could manipulate the most amount of people to suit their whim. They would lie and betray their own people to force the change which they saw fit. The Council were incredibly devious and wanted to go to War with The Solaran Empire, but who would join such a march?

Ranook and Vicean discussed in secret how it would be possible to gain the support of their Demonic Horde.

“Let us report to our Council that the Solaran Army is mobilizing to attack us here,” Vicean sneered.

“Such a thing is not believable as we have played that game before and they will not be so foolish to believe it once again,” Ranook replied.

Ranook and Vicean were unaware that similar conversations were taking place in other areas of The Council Building. The conversations were far more deadly and deceitful but such was the nature of the Demonic Horde.

Later when the Demonic Council reconvened they all sought the destruction of The City Of Eternal Light but it was unanimous that they should gain the support of all the Demons in the City with whatever means necessary. The Council went away and discussed whilst others decided to go it alone, some were so bitter and uncontrollable they wanted to take action without the approval of the other members.

One female Demon named Yelyah, who was as hideous as she was evil, was one of these. She worked under her master, Sok’Uzu, a brutal Politician with an agenda of his own. It was his plan to destroy his own people just to make the war happen.

His plan though was not in the collective interests of the Horde. He and Yelyah went and gathered the rest of their Party, which were known as the Black Fang Conquerors, to carry out the complete betrayal of their own people.

Yelyah and Sok’Uzu went to the highest point in the City to watch the terror they had unleashed. When the first explosion went off and the screams began Yelyah turned to Sok’Uzu.

“I hope the Solaran uniforms are discovered or this will have been a vain attempt,” she said.

“Stop your worrying, if nothing else it’s been great fun watching things flying around the City,” Sok’Uzu replied.

At that point another explosion went off, they then both turned to each other and began to laugh. After the final explosions had ended an emergency Council meeting was made. The entire Horde was in an uproar, this time it was even worse than before. The Council wanted to know how such a thing could happen, who did it and why?

Many had their own opinions but nobody knew exactly the answer. The Black Fang Conquerors stepped in with the usual domineering attitude.

“Search, Investigation,” they shouted.

“Agreed, Agreed.” came the response.

Now Yelyah and Sok’Uzu looked at each other and winked as they knew the Horde was theirs to manipulate and control for as long as the situation stayed the same.

Ranook had been bitterly disappointed in this move and began to question what had happened. It was not the fact the war was closer to reality but the fact he was not the one in charge.

Ranook being a sceptic, brought in his own team to determine what had happened, but he
knew why all Demons were cast into the Barren Wastelands so he was not trustful in the others.

He would do his own investigation and tell nobody until a time came when he could knock Sok’Uzu off his perch.

Things were moving at a speed not seen for millennia within The Black City and all credit went to The Black Fang Conquerors, many were envious but most were now controlled by the Party. Those against it became more and more unwilling to help and unsure of the intentions of The Black Fang Conquerors. No Party in the history of the Horde had ever had so much power over their subjects.

Whilst this was taking place another factor was still in pursuit, the investigation. Both Ranook
and the Black City Investigators were looking for answers, however, both were looking for
entirely different answers altogether.

Ranook wanted to stop Sok’Uzu and The Black Fang from taking all power and credit whereas the Black City Investigators wanted to make the war happen that much faster. A new struggle had begun and Ranook knew the price he would pay for his failure. The mark of a traitor and exile, however, Ranook was wiser than most of his colleagues would admit.

Ranook soon found a witness at the first site who saw the actions take place but this Demon was shaken by what had transpired and would not talk of it until he was taken to someplace safe.

Ranook saw this as an opportunity to receive vital information on the events of that day. He called for Vicean and his Party to take the witness into a safe house near the wall emplacements. Ranook continued his search whilst Vicean questioned the witness.

Ranook went to the second site where he bumped into the Investigators, it was now him looking suspicious, but with his quick lying tongue he found a way to get out of the investigators’ grasp. Word soon reached Sok’Uzu and he was furious as he knew what Ranook was doing but couldn’t prove it to his audience. The game continued.

Meanwhile back at the safe house, Vicean was getting answers. Vicean first asked about the Demons name.

“My Name is Yutar Mara, thank you for bringing me here,” he said.

“It’s quite alright Yutar, can you tell us what happened on the day in question?” Vicean replied in an elegant manner.

“Yes well I saw a few Demons acting suspiciously but something strange happened,” Yutar said.

“What happened, what did you see?!” Vicean said on the edge of his seat.

Yutar fell silent for a moment. “They turned into Solaran Soldiers,” he whispered.

At that moment black City Investigators burst into the building and took everyone there to the Dungeons Of The Black City.

Vicean managed to escape them and reported everything to Ranook. Ranook and Vicean met up behind a military establishment and discussed what had happened, even though Vicean was working towards Ranook’s goals there was still an air of distrust between the two.

Demons lie to achieve their own goals even if it is secondary to the first. They each discussed for hours what they should do, in that time a great many things took place. The Demonic Council who had wanted the search and found the witness had turned Yutar Mara into their catalyst for war with the Solaran Empire.

The lies came thick and fast. For Sok’Uzu this was great, he was the most destructive of the Demon Horde and he wanted his name in the history books of the Council, for with that, he would be an untouchable within their ranks.

News of war rang out in the distance, much to Ranook’s disappointment, he heard the news too late. Ranook’s disappointment turned into a fit of uncontrollable anger towards Vicean.
“How could you let our witness get caught and turned in the way Yutar has!” he bellowed.

Vicean was shocked that his friend had turned on him. “It was not my fault, you should have helped me with Yutar’s protection,” Vicean said.

Ranook began to attack his former ally with a rally of kicks, Vicean fell to the ground. “Stop this, it was not my fault,” he shouted.

“It never is your fault is it, you like so many others have to play the victim here, you are the biggest liar there is and I’m tired of hearing it now!” Ranook replied.

Vicean began to fight back and the two demons were entwined in each other’s grasp.

They were soon found by none other than Yelyah herself, she called for them to be arrested by the Black City Investigators. When the Black City Investigators got there they were both taken into custody and placed in a dungeon to be battered and broken to make them easy pawns of the Council who would use them in many different ways during the pointless war with the Solarans.

The first steps to war had begun, with almost every Demon in military training, it was an army bigger than any other in the history of the Realm. Sok’Uzu and Yelyah watched the army march in preparation every day, they both looked happy that they had been the main instigators of this war and they were both sure that it would get them into the Demonic History Book known as the Book Of Deceit.

This book had everything about their people and showed them for what they were as every detail was in some way or another falsified. However, this was kept secret from their people and only a select few knew of the deceit as it was a great privilege to be written into it. Yelyah and Sok’Uzu discussed their plans and decided they wanted to lead the charge against the Solarans. This was their plan all along. The Council agreed that they should lead the fight.

“If victory is seen, you both will earn your name in our most treasured book,” they said.

One Council member brought forth the Book Of Deceit and placed it on the table, this book was black made of flesh and blood but all Demons wanted it for their own purpose. The Council Chambers went silent and it took a while for them to speak but when they did they all spoke the same words.

“Deceit is perfect, it protects our power, never let us see her dreadful terror.” they sang in unison.

With this the Council again became silent, Sok’Uzu was the first to speak.

“I will lead this well-trained army to a victory we all desire, no Solaran shall enter this City without punishment. I will, with the aid of Yelyah, destroy those Truth-loving, light worshipping, evildoers!” he said.

And then he left to prepare for war leaving the Council to discuss other things they had to do. Yelyah stayed at Sok’Uzu’s side for a while whilst he trained the army for the war with the Solarans. Yelyah being Yelyah wanted more than just a few lines in a book.

“Is there no way I can become more than just a page of a book?” she asked.

“I, what happened to ‘we’? This is our campaign Yelyah and if we work together we can take all the glory and perhaps we can both become Council members for Eternity, however, if you speak of yourself again I will destroy you!” Sok’Uzu replied.

“Yes, I meant us, Sok’Uzu. I would never betray you, my Lord.” Yelyah replied with a soft tone of voice.

And with that, she left to for fill her own goals leaving Sok’Uzu to train and speak to his army. He appointed five commanders who were the best in the army and in turn, they appointed five sub-commanders. The first commander was called forth to Sok’Uzu’s office to give an update on the first army.

“How goes the training, we have less than a year to train these Demons?!” Sok’Uzu said.

“My Lord, the training is going well I am very sure my army will be the first to break the Solaran lines!” the first commander said.

“That is just the answer I had hoped to hear. You may leave now commander.” Sok’Uzu replied with a smile on his hideous face.

The commander left and the second commander entered. The speech was much of the same and Sok’Uzu was even more confident that he will bring down an Empire.

Meanwhile, Yelyah was on her own little mission, in and out of different Council members’ offices trying desperately to remove Sok’Uzu from the game she was playing. She spoke to them about Sok’Uzu saying he was not right to be put in charge of the Army. They took no notice of Yelyah and she returned back at Sok’Uzu’s side for the last stages of the training. Sok’Uzu, oblivious to Yelyah’s schemes accepted her help when she was around, Yelyah’s deceit went deeper, she tried desperately to turn the commanders and sub-commanders she would speak to them daily but again she had no chance to take control.

It was now a month away from the military strike and in the Solaran City, The Avatars had gained word of the Demonic Hordes’ plan. War was coming and little time was left to make a defence, but The Solaran Empire was full of warriors ready to stand and die for their Goddess. When The Avatars brought the Goddess Solara word of this Demonic plot she asked who brought them the information and why do they trust them. They said it came from a Demon named Yelyah.

“How can we trust the words of those not worthy enough to be in this City?” Solara asked whilst laughing.

The Avatars looked at each other.

“She is most deceitful however she wants more power, power over her Masters and indeed the entire City.” one replied.

“Very well,” Solara said. “Make the preparations for this attack.”

And with that, the countless numbers of The City Of Eternal Light were mobilised for war. Yelyah returned to her Masters’ side just as the Army was marching out of the Gates, she had a smile on her face.

“You look smug, is it because you know this Army is about to do what no other has done in our History?” Sok’Uzu asked.

“Yes I am very happy to see this come to an end,” she said defiantly.

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