Delilah was always the type to try to help the things that most needed it. She was always into the natural world and all it has to offer. She was most outraged by the Japanese who took so much from the sea without giving back, so she went to live there for a while, all the time trying to stop these disgraceful acts upon the seas which we Solarans deemed to be a sacred treasure given by Solara.

Delilah campaigned for many months to stop all the fishing but the people laughed in her face. Delilah was outraged and took her fight to the next level, she boarded a boat, it was a simple vessel and she knew the Captain. They both would become great friends over the next few months and Delilah would convert him into our ways. She traveled with him to watch the Big ship’s fishing and get an idea of how they operated. Delilah contemplated on the best possible way to disrupt the people who take so much and give so little. After many more months, she had seen much savagery of the Oceans, she decided to come back to England for our annual meeting and whilst at the meeting she told all members present of the horrors she had witnessed and told them that something drastic would have to be done to stop the fishing. Many were skeptical of what she was planning and they openly rejected the idea, from this point she was alone. After the meeting, Delilah stayed in the forest for many weeks on her own. She prayed day and night for guidance and for many days she could almost hear Solara’s voice in her head. She began Meditation to clear her mind and at that moment she heard all the secrets of Solara’s Seas.

Sometime later she went back to the East and waited for the Captain of the small vessel to arrive in port as he was away following a few fishing ships. When he did finally arrive he had the information Delilah required for the first stage of her mission. She went out with the Captain, she was dressed in a very Solaran type of uniform in our colours, red, black and gold. After two days at Sea, they finally reached their destination, however, there was no sign of the fishers. Delilah asked the Captain to stop where they were whilst in deep Meditation. She retired to her quarters for rest. When she awoke she was ready to test her knowledge, she focused her eyes on a body of water and began to move it, she created a whirlpool, the Captain stopped her when he noticed that she was sweating more than a Human should. But he soon realised that it was water she was leaking.

After this trial of power, she knew she could inflict a devastating blow to many fishers but she asked herself, at what cost, what would become of her?

About a week later they had to return to port for supplies and a decent night’s rest. They both went out for a meal and discussed many things that were about to come, they spent all night in each others company, Delilah was upset, for she knew that in a few days, she would probably never see him again. The next day they both went out to the place where the ship was docked. It was time to do what had to be done and they had information about where a large fleet was hiding. Delilah and the Captain soon caught them and they were taking more fish, even the Mammals of the Sea were not safe. It was a blood bath, never before had Delilah seen fishing done on this scale. The Sea around them was red with the blood of innocent creatures, Delilah was so distraught that she dived overboard and lifted her arms, a wave began to form and then Delilah pushed her arms away from her body, the wave moved towards the takers’ boat and smashed the sides tipping a few boats. She did this again and again until the takers’ sins had been washed away with the waves. After this, the Captain was looking and shouting for Delilah but she was gone, one with the Sea

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