The echoes of the Solaran Army marching towards them began. The ground shook with each unioned step they took into the deeper wastes. Volcanic ash fell from the blackened skies above and drums could be heard in the distance.

“So it begins, quick get to your posts everyone.” Sok’Uzu said.

At that point, the command post became alive with activity. Ashrah, Ellrah and all the other Avatars made their own command post where they dictated to all the Soldiers.

“First team, move into position,” Ellrah said.

Then Ashrah told the second team to get into their position.

“On our mark move into the first section and get rid of those defences,” an Avatar said. “Mark,”

Then the first team went into position. It was chaos in such small space for the Solarans but the Demons were elated that they killed so many so easily.

Meanwhile back in The Black City a new age was coming about, it was an age of fear, fear of the Solaran Army defeating them all. Ranook and Vicean were in the Council and they were now fighting against surrender for they knew if surrender was to happen there would be nothing of them left.

“Surrender is not an option!” Ranook said with voracity.

Vicean told the Council if they gave up it would be an end to our way of life and that it cannot be a good idea to surrender. A scout was once again dispatched to see Sok’Uzu and find an answer to end the war.

Soon Sok’Uzu’s plan was working, the numbers falling at the defence’s were huge, he got so arrogant in small victory this he let other positions take breaks. This was an opportunity for the Solarans who savoured every minute.

“Quick, get more men out there and take the first, second and third defence,” Ashrah said.

“We’ve got them now my people,” Ellrah said.

The first defence fell, then the second, but the third fell with ease, Sok’Uzu saw this from his position in the command post and quickly took a team to the third base. “The third defence post must be retaken, move to the third.” he shouted.

Every one of his Demon kind heard this and ran to that post. The very floor shook with the number of Demons running to that position. The sounds of roaring coming towards the Solaran line was terrifying and the position was in chaos as the Demons piled in, all the Avatars could do was watch as their own Soldiers were torn apart.

“That’s it, we must force them to terms or this war will claim all of our lives and there will be none left in this realm,” Ashrah said.

“Send word to Solara that this war is too costly to fight, both sides will be left with nothing and all of this realm will be consumed,” said Ellrah.

An Avatar named Felinar delivered this message, Solara agreed, she had been watching from her temple at the destructive path they had made. “Tell my people to force terms and then return, this City has been baron for a great deal of time and I suspect that many will not be returning,” Solara said firmly.

Felinar ran back to the Avatars post and told them the news. “It is settled then, we will send all our people in and hope for terms to be offered,” Ellrah said softly.

Now in Sok’Uzu’s command post, he was able to speak with a scout. “Tell the Council I’ve done exactly what they wanted, I feel that soon we shall have terms but if not this war may go on for as long as The Creation of this realm,” Sok’Uzu warned.

With that, the scout left at full speed to tell the Council. On arrival Vicean saw the scout first, he said to that scout to tell the Council of failure so that Sok’Uzu would be left in the dark alone with nothing. Vicean was still angered by what he’d been through because of Sok’Uzu’s lust for power.

The scout agreed to tell the Council exactly what he said but when he was faced with the numerous Council members’ glared as he buckled under the pressure and told them what Sok’Uzu had said originally.

This action angered Vicean even more and in the Council chambers, he lost control of himself, shouting and booing at the scout. Ranook, who was sat next to him told him to quieten down or he would be removed from the chambers. Vicean was never the Demon to take advice and in turn he was ejected from the Council and he found himself once again in shackles in a dark dungeon.

’’What was that outburst about my friend?“ Ranook asked.

Vicean told him the story and how much he wanted his revenge, Ranook was annoyed by Vicean’s confession.

“This war goes further than a bitter dispute if we lose we all die. I can’t believe you, how stupid can you get. You deserve those shackles!” shouted Ranook.

Ranook stormed out the dungeon shouting at the guard as he left. “Keep him in here indefinitely or you will find I am not a good enemy to have,” warned Ranook.

Back in The City Of Eternal Light, the tree Yahmos was singing for Solara, now he was her only companion within the City. She told the tree to sing her favourite song.

“Oh Solara, Oh how wonderful this realm is with you as its master.” Yahmos sang.

Solara loved this song, she hoped for the war to end soon for she had nothing. She called for Ashrah to make the final blow to the Demons and soon it came.

She along with all the Avatars would combine with the Solaran Soldiers to make a mass attack upon the third, fourth and fifth defence’s. The third was swarming with Demons and Yelyah was there, Ashrah was the first to spot her but Yelyah was deep behind Demon lines.

Ellrah ran towards the front line jumping over them and attacking them from behind, Felinar saw this and did the same. Sok’Uzu was still in hysterics as he thought he was going to lose everything, all the glory and fame seemed so long ago, to him at least. His Demons were still optimistic about the situation. Soon the sounds of battle began again, only this time it was closer to Sok’Uzu’s command post. Yelyah was placed in charge by the commander’s vote. She took every Demon there into the front to defend.

The Avatars had just a few thousand against the two hundred thousand Demons and many were asking what they could do against an Army of that size.

“We will win,” Ashrah said to all of the doubters.

The Solarans reached the fourth defence to meet heavy resistance. The front lines on both sides were cut down in an instant but Yelyah was at this defence and she gave the Demons courage against the Avatars.

Ashrah had hoped to do battle with this vilest of creatures after the death of her brother she had thought of nothing else. Ellrah shared her thoughts on the subject. The two leaders of the Avatars jumped the lines of Demons and went directly for Yelyah. The three drew their swords and commenced the battle, Yelyah was again battling Avatars but this time she knew she was no match for the two so she called for her commanders to help.

Now there were two separate battles happening in the same area. Yelyah said to her commander to get the fifth defence ready for the last battle and off he went. There were now five against two Avatars. “When that defence falls to us what then are you going to do, where will you run to?” Ellrah asked Yelyah.

“You will not win here the last defence is unbeatable!” she replied with confidence.

They all crashed their swords together, Ellrah’s blade broke into pieces then he pulled out his staff, the orb upon it was a light, a light he used to destroy those Demons fighting at the fourth defence. The Solaran Army was now free to move up to the fifth and final post. Yelyah saw this and ran with her commanders.

Now the Solarans were getting somewhere, they had just one more defence to breach and then it would be the command post. The Solarans began marching on the final defence, they arrived and saw it was a mass of Demons and the defence was two-tiered.

“This is not going to be easy,” Ellrah said to the Avatars.

The Solarans began bombarding the defence with lightning strikes along with anything else they could fire at it.

“The defence is too strong!” someone shouted.

Then they could hear Yelyah laugh in echo’s, her very voice made the Solarans hair stand up on their necks. Suddenly Demons began to fire back catching a few Soldiers off guard. Ellrah took out his staff once more and light flooded the cavernous defence emplacement, the Demons shielded their eyes but a few were caught by the intense light and death took them. Soon the fight went worse for both sides as the light smashed the top of the cave and huge boulders came tumbling down on top of both sides.

“Terms, terms, we offer terms,” Yelyah shouted.

The fight continued for a while but eventually, Ashrah and Ellrah heard the words she had spoken.

“Terms, we will accept terms,” Felinar said.

Soon the fighting had stopped but both sides were ill at ease by each others presence. The Solarans marched up to Sok’Uzu’s command post along with the Demons.

“I’ve done it, brought the Solarans to terms, I truly am the best general to lead a Demonic Army. Soon the Black City will make me Councillor for eternity and they will erect statues in my name.” Sok’Uzu boasted.

Yelyah heard this and turned to a commander. “This fool was cowering a minute ago, now look at this self-righteous swine! Taking credit for all our efforts! The sad thing is he probably will have all the glory.” she stated.

Sok’Uzu had Ashrah and Ellrah around a table to make terms.

“Come sit, we have a great deal to talk about,” Sok’Uzu said.

Both the Avatars looked at each other then looked back to Sok’Uzu.

“We were under the impression you no longer lead this Army?” they said.

Sok’Uzu again lost his temper and began to blaspheme at the two Avatars, they all stood up and the whole room began to argue, both sides throwing their deadliest words until Yelyah slammed her sword on the table and yelled the room to silence. The Demons went quiet immediately whilst the Solarans continued shouting.

Once the room was silent Yelyah had a word with Sok’Uzu. “Wouldn’t it be better if I did this my Lord?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, I suppose it would be better, I need to get my rest for the parade into our City,” Sok’Uzu said.

“Now where were we, ah yes the truce, we will end this war today and leave this area for a price. Now we want…” but before Yelyah could demand, the Avatar interrupted her.

“You want? I do not believe you are in any position to demand, if you want peace then you will get it but if you demand we will fight!” Ellrah said.

Yelyah’s face had a look of shock and terror but she nodded to what was said. “Yes, we will give a truce for nothing in return but your peace,” she said, trembling as she spoke.

At this time all the remaining Soldiers of the Solaran Army returned home, they were each awarded with power by Solara who was most impressed with what they had accomplished. The Avatars stayed at the table dealing with the truce settlement but scouts went back and forth conveying messages and updates. Solara was happy in this, it meant she could be once again surrounded by the creatures she created and loved.

Solara was told by the scout that all negotiations had finished and all the Avatars were returning. She was elated by the news. “No more death for my beloved,” she commented.

The sounds of music once again flooded the City, Yahmos sang of the return of all things and in marched the Avatars. The streets were alive with parties, the crowds threw petals at the Avatars and people ran over to them to shake their hands. It was like nothing they had seen but they basked in the Glory of victory.

“How long do you think this peace will last, these are Demons, they lie!?” Ashrah said.

“I am certain that a new war will begin but it will take the Demons a great time to repair the Damage of this war, besides that Sok’Uzu is an idiot and they betray each other at every opportunity. The next war for the Demons will be a civil affair.” Ellrah replied.

With that, the Avatars marched into the Temple Of Light to tell Solara everything.

Now in the Wastelands was another parade, one not unlike that of the Solarans. Sok’Uzu stood on a platform as he made his way through the crowded streets. Yelyah and the other Demons followed him along his route with fake smiles for an oblivious crowd.

She looked towards Sok’Uzu. “It should be us on that platform, he did nothing to win this treaty, he lost the war and yet he gets a parade, what next?!” she said to a commander.

The commander looked at her. “I agree, Yelyah but the crowd speaks for itself, it will take years to remove him now. He will lead us to annihilation!” he said.

The parade went on and all the crowd were cheering for Sok’Uzu, little did they know that this Demon was near to losing the war

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