Long after Solara had entombed herself in the Temple of light she soon witnessed that those judged well for the City were, either by their own actions or the manipulation of the Demons, rebelling against the very law that allowed them entry.

Solara warned the Avatars but they were not as wise as the great Goddess when it came to reporting any suspicious activities.

Whilst Solara was trapped in her Temple she heavily relied on the Avatars to protect the peoples’ moral alignment. The Avatars watched over the city, they kept it safe from inside and outside forces of the Darkness.

After a time the Avatars had looked in every part of the City, they found nothing of a suspicious nature and reported this to Solara.

To which she replied, “You must look further, to see the truth you must dig deeper to uncover the truth. Seek the truth, do not let yourself be deceived.”

The Avatars heard these words and went out into the City with renewed confidence. What they found was that a group around the same area had become deceitful when they answered questions, the Avatars had already spoken to the people before, however, this time they had changed their story. It would not be enough to have them re-judged and the Avatars needed to learn why they had become deceitful and to learn of how far this contamination had spread. The Avatars left the group believing that they hadn’t been figured out for their deception and so they carried on with what they were planning. This was much to the Avatars desire, if they were to uncover the secrets of the Fallen Tribe, they would need to spy on them for a while.

Later, one Avatar remarked, “This is ridiculous, shouldn’t Solara be able to know everything that takes place here?”

To which Ellrah replied, “These people are working with the Demonic Council, Solara cannot do anything outside the Temple of Light.”

The other Avatars continued to talk with each other until Ashrah told them to move out. Each of the Avatars was given a specific task, some were told to do as they have always done and the rest were told to gather intelligence, whether questioning or spying they needed information It was a great time later when the members of the Fallen Tribe were spotted moving towards the gate. The Avatars on patrol passed them and the Tribe looked relieved not to be stopped, they then carried on towards the gate, however, once they got there they were intercepted by Ashrah and Ellrah. The Tribe tried to lie their way out of the shackles they had been placed in.

When questioning the Fallen Tribe, Ellrah noticed that one of them was missing. The others did not know where the other member was either so Ellrah asked each of the Tribe, but they seemed to be none the wiser to their friends’ current location. Though they did not know where he was, they were more than helpful when speculating on his whereabouts.

The Avatars were given hundreds of possible locations in a City that was vast and densely populated. The task would not be easy, it would take much time to search all the locations that they had acquired.

The Avatars went from location to location in search of the missing member of the Tribe, but their search went in vain. Ellrah was disappointed and continued to question the captives, the Tribe was reluctant to admit they were lying and so the questioning continued until Solara called all the Avatars to the Temple.

Solara then asked them for news of the task she had given them, and when she was told of what had transpired within her City, she had a flash of the future in her vision she saw a new Demon Army being prepared ready for battle. In this she knew what the Fallen Tribe had been doing, she instantly ordered everyone in her presence to get all inhabitants ready for a Demonic attack. The whole city braced itself for the attack, however, nobody was now concerned with the missing fugitive of the Tribe, they had thought of him as an insignificant part of a greater picture, a distraction to the attack perhaps.

The Solaran Army was almost fully prepared when the Army of the Demonic Horde arrived. The battle soon began, and every advance the Demons made was thwarted, every Demon that scaled the walls fell unsuccessfully down into the water that surrounded the City.

The battle continued at the main Southern Gate until a group left into the darkness of the wastelands only to return at the West Gate in even greater numbers.

Soon the entire Demonic Army went west to join them, The West Gate soon became overwhelmed and the Solaran Army had to compensate by moving and leaving the Southern Gate unprotected. This was the plan of the Fallen Tribe who were in league with the Demonic Council.

The fugitive soon reared his head and when it was time he made his move and proceeded to the unprotected gate, he destroyed the gates locking mechanism, and the gates swung open. He notified the Council and freed his Tribe, their deceit was complete and the Demonic Army easily entered the City.

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