Sometime after Lord Avatar Ashley had gained control of our Religion he began a campaign to prove his intentions were in the Faiths best interests. He made advertisements on many popular websites and after about a week of campaign he had many new people on the Solaran Groups but this was not a good thing.

It appeared as if everyone there was just curious to learn about the Faith but their questioning turned to vicious attacks on our Faith and Hierarchy, the Age Of Doubt had begun.

At first, it was a minor annoyance to us, however, after a few weeks it began to stress many of us beyond belief, our Lord Avatar blamed himself a lot. He said it was because of The Books Of Solara which was an information booklet about our Faith. It was not full in detail and as it was rushed it also had many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in it too.

Many people asked about our symbol, idiotically they believed it to be a Nazi Symbol and so we defended ourselves from these accusations, however, this was not the end of our struggle. People soon said that we had started a Nazi Religion which was based on Nazi ideology but this was not the case.

Our Lord Avatar thought it was about things such as the Uniforms he had designed, however, it was more likely to be about the symbol we use, whatever it was it put a great strain on our leader and for a long time, he was ill.

Sometime after this, the next set of problems arose, people started asking for more detail, so our Lord Avatar began a new campaign of video footage which he could put more information into, as he knew it would be a long time before he put The Jardacia into print. Our Lord Avatar wrote a script for the videos and the High Priest Of War filmed, but as our Lord was not used to such things he forgot much of the script he wrote and again left much of the detail unclear.

Lord Avatar again was left feeling inadequate in comparison to our first leader and was beginning to feel as if all members who said he was too young for such a responsibility were right about him.

Later many people even sent him threatening messages to his own personal email account in direct relation to the video about criminality. They said in these messages that they would kill our Lord Avatar if they ever find him. Naturally, he was not so bothered about himself, only the Faiths reputation and as many were saying it was a false religion he was concerned so much so that he could not sleep.

A few days passed and there were no further comments until one person decided to ask about the title of Lord Avatar, asking if he was blue. We all understood that many were speaking simply to be heard and so we ignored many idiotic questions after that point. It was a shame because we thought by going public we could achieve what we are destined to achieve. We all believe in what has been prophesied and we thought we could be the people who bring it closer to reality. Alas, we were wrong, the heathens are not ready to hear the Truth of Solara.

Many weeks after this, Lord Avatar Ashley reopened the campaign. All videos had been completed to a point. Certain information was missing but he was adamant it was enough, he even had his own videos about the thing he was against. Shortly after the campaign started someone commented on his video calling his mental health into question, however, the person who commented only saw our Lord’s video and not any to do with our Faith.

Our Leader at this point had enough and called a mass shut down of all our work. It appeared to be the end of the Faith. Our Leader left for a pilgrimage to the forest of our Origins.

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