BySolaran Faith

Nov 24, 2021

There was once a family that had little principle, that had little money. They would live day to day by whatever devious means they were provided with. They began their family when they were of legal consenting age, from that day on they bred like rabbits, they thought little of the consequences of their actions. They bred more than they could feed and that was where the Government stepped in, offering them money and food just because they couldn’t sustain their own family.

A time later they had more children and with more children came more money. That family was taking the Government social system for a ride. They had everything they wanted, where people who worked and bred at an acceptable rate, were left with barely enough. Where was the logic? Had the country gone mad? Where were the cries of bitter disappointment?

After several years, the family continued to breed, they continued to bleed the system dry, but out of all this chaos came a light, a light just strong enough to break the habits of her parents. When the child, Sarah, left home, she moved in with her boyfriend. Her parents encouraged her to do as they did, to make money from the system. She was encouraged to take anything she could.

On one unfortunate night, Sarah and her boyfriend conceived. After they found out that they were having a baby a great debate arose. Should they keep it? What if it turns out to be a genius? Could they rob the world of that? Equally though, they thought of the exact opposite. The child could grow up to be a murderer or a rapist. There was no way of knowing either way. They considered the fact that neither of the pair could afford to feed three people. They had the option of Government hand-outs, neither of the two wanted that grey cloud above their heads. They did not want to become their parents, all of whom were taking the shameful road of scrounging benefits.

The debate went on but Sarah knew what she was going to do. Logically, to add another mouth to the table with low income would be foolish beyond compare. She did not wish to become her parents, she wanted more in life than that.

A few days after she made her decision, she told her family, her family didn’t understand her logic. Her family wanted her to have the baby, but they wanted it for all the wrong reasons. Sarah was not her parent’s daughter, she would break the cycle. Nevermore would she take that which she did not earn. She had the abortion.

Her logic was that if she can’t feed them, she would not breed them. Her logic was impeccable and it served as an example to her younger siblings and indeed the rest of the world. She was most righteous.

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