Someday there will be a political movement. That movement will be founded on the principles and beliefs of our Faith. The movement will follow the laws and ideas that are in our books. Our political movement will make the world a better place for all people. We will never lie about what we want to change. We will have an Emperor or Empress. A vote for our movement would set things into motion, we would have the world as it is in The White City, enlightened
absolutism is the way forward.

With Enlightened Absolutism, there would only be one person responsible or accountable for all deeds, good or bad. Today’s Demon’Ocracy (Democracy) has many voices, it is chaos, and in this chaos, there are none who are responsible fully for any situation. In democracy, people can shift the blame around until it is forgotten. This must end.

Democracy is not the greatest achievement of man that we are all led to believe. It benefits nobody, lies are used to hide this fact. It is time for a change, a positive change, a Solaran change.

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