There once were two rivals, who battled each other relentlessly, they fought day and night over anything they could. It had always been that way with them, they were born true rivals, they were encouraged by their parents, they believed a rivalry would strengthen their personalities.

As the two rivals, Harry and Paul grew up, they both wanted the same things. At first, it was small things, like Captaining the school football team, being the head of the chess club, and being the best on the games console. They conflicted many times growing up but they remained friends, at least for a while.

As the years went by their competitive nature threatened their friendship. It was a day when they both coveted a woman. Harry was the first to introduce himself to the young and very attractive woman. As he was doing so he felt a nudge from Paul and then a shove. Paul and Harry got into a fight and at that moment their friendship did die.

It was a day later when Paul finally got to speak to the woman. He spoke to her for an hour over lunch and he found her company most becoming. As Harry was not present, Paul got the upper hand for a while.

Over those next few days, Paul spent more and more time with Claire, the woman they both coveted, he was desperately trying to win her affection. At the same time though, he was telling her all the embarrassing stories he could think of about Harry. Little did he know, Harry was planning the same tactic.

It was at lunch when Harry finally got Claire’s ear, he told her about how much better at everything he was than Paul. He told her about Paul’s embarrassing moments and the two shared a few laughs. Then Paul walked into the lunch hall and sat someway across from them unnoticed. He listened for a while, for he feared what was being said. As he listened, he got more and more vexed by what was being said, it was at that moment that he began to change his tactics. As Harry left the table to go to the bathroom, Paul followed with gritted teeth. As he entered the bathroom, Paul picked up a bottle of orange juice and tipped its contents upon Harry’s crotch. When Harry left the bathroom he was greeted by laughing colleagues, then Claire noticed and began to laugh herself. That day did belong to Paul, for he had won the battle.

A few days later, when the incident was properly explained to everyone, Harry implemented his own plot. He waited for Paul to sit down in his chair in his office and when he did he sat directly on something that looked like faeces to the untrained eye. It was, however, chocolate, but that would not be easily explained.

After a few more battles in this manner, the two were mere acquaintances. For all the time they had focused on humiliating each other, they hadn’t noticed that Claire was being approached by another person. She was sitting laughing with him, she was feeling his arm and she was about to kiss him when Paul and Harry went over demanding an explanation.

She turned to them both and told them that they were more interested and invested in each other. All the time they had spent trying to outwit each other, Claire was interested in someone else, they had both lost the very person they had been fighting to have.

After a time the two came to the only logical conclusion, the logical outcome of the situation would be that they would have no friends if they did not change. They had wasted a lifetime trying to better one another and it hadn’t served them well. They decided that enough was enough, they broke their habit of a lifetime and became great friends once more. Never again would they attempt to undermine each other. Never again would they become so competitive that they would be blind to all else. They’d compete no more.

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